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General Discussion / Re: Adding a Shell Launcher in Panel
« on: May 13, 2017, 08:43:11 am »
Okay I found it.

This application is designed to be portable, so the startup script assumes it was NOT installed "as root", so it would have ended up in your home folder and have had write permissions to its "profile" directory without elevated privileges.

You have 2 options

a) remove your root installation of it with
Code: [Select]
sudo rm -rv /usr/local/mantrathen install it again AS A REGULAR USER.


b) edit it's startup script to copy its "profile" directory to your home folder where it WILL have write permission
Code: [Select]
sudo pluma '/usr/local/mantra/OWASP Mantra'and make it read
Code: [Select]
#Version 0.0.8
#Put together by Alexander S.T. Ross (abushcrafter)
#Based on the luncher from:
#Also based on the luncher from:

#Works with any mozzila base based app like Firefox,ThunderBird,SongBird,SunBird,Fennec (Firefox Mobile),Seamonkey,etc.

#The reason for the bit of code, for disabling error output of the $app. Is because if you are for instants using Firefox, some addons like ReadItLater reviles (In a URL) your password and user-name of your ReadItLater account. This info then ends up in the system log: "/tmp/xerrs.log".

#ChangeLog ----------------------------------------------------------------------
#   2010/10/31  Alexander .S.T. Ross (abushcrafter) Email: <>
#      * 0.0.7: Now finds out what the current version of the Mozilla app is. Thanks to my dad.
#      * 0.0.7: Now gives you a splash screen telling you that Mozilla app is now closed.
#      * 0.0.7: Added some Debug/Info echos.
#      * 0.0.7: Removed Dingo's <> Puppy Linux font fix as it's fixed in newer versions of Puppy Linux (.E.G. Lupu 5.*.* (Might have not been fixed in first few version?)).
#      * 0.0.7: Removed nooby mistakes of mine. .E.G. variables being exported, "exec" being used to run the Mozilla app.

#   2010/11/01  Alexander .S.T. Ross (abushcrafter) Email: <>
#      * 0.0.8: Fixed all bugs. Now works.
#      * 0.0.8: Added more echos.


echo "${app}portable:Debug/Info: 0="$0""
echo "${app}portable:Debug/Info: dir="$dir""
if [ "$dir" = "$0" ]; then
cd "$dir/Mantra"
echo "${app}portable:Debug/Info: Current Dir="`pwd`

version=`./$app --version |tr , \ | cut --fields=3 --delimiter=\ `
echo "Welcome to the Linux version of $app $version in portable mode. Feedback is NOT disabled."

#START: Part of Dingo's <> additions to this script.
if test -d $HOME/.config/Mantra/profile ; then
printf "${app}portable:Debug/Info: Profile Directory already exists!\n"
mkdir -p $HOME/.config/Mantra
cp -r $dir/Mantra/profile $HOME/.config/Mantra/
#END: Part of Dingo's <> additions to this script.

#Remove the "#" from the next line to disable error output.
xterm -e ./$app -no-remote -profile "$HOME/.config/Mantra/profile" $@ #2>/dev/null

echo "${app}portable:Debug/Info: $app is now closed."
yaf-splash -text "$app Is Now Closed" -bg green -fg black -timeout 3 -display :0 -margin 2 -bw 0 -font "9x15B" -outline 0
echo "${app}portable:Debug/Info: ${app}portable is now closed."
SAVE the file and exit pluma

Your launcher should now work.

This worked . Thanks

General Discussion / Re: Adding a Shell Launcher in Panel
« on: May 11, 2017, 06:22:32 am »
What happens if you run:
Code: [Select]
'/usr/local/mantra/OWASP Mantra'in a terminal ?

It just hangs for eternity, then i try as root i change directory to mantra at /usr/local/ and try to run OWASP Mantra from terminal and it hangs for eternity too.   ???

General Discussion / Adding a Shell Launcher in Panel
« on: May 11, 2017, 01:14:48 am »
I have successfully added a shell script to panel with this command
Code: [Select]
'/usr/local/mantra/OWASP Mantra' however when I launch it, it does nothing. On the other hand when I launch the script from folder as root it launches no problem. I believe this must be a noob question so what is the command to launch it as root thinking thats the problem. ???

Hi josephgodwinke,

Welcome to the forums.

It would be better if you downloaded the Ubuntu .deb file for 16.04. You can get the 64bit version here

or the 32bit version here

Hope this helps

Regards Zeb...

This worked! Actually All the answering posts before this one are correct @AndyInMokum

I guess i am mistaking peppermint for debian instead this is actually a fork of ubuntu. I am newbie Peppermint os user but I have used other linux distributions for 5 years now!

General Discussion / MEGASync installation failed due to dependency
« on: April 26, 2017, 12:18:48 am »
I am trying to install MEGASync Client -> megasync-Debian_7.0_amd64.deb but returns Dependency is not satisfiable: libcrypto++9 in terminal. I tried installing libcrypto++9 but it says it was replaced by libcrypto++9v5:i386 and libcrypto++9v5. So I installed 9v5 for amd64. I confirmed it was installed
Code: [Select]
apt-cache policy  libcrypto++9v5 it return its installed. Tried updating but no luck yet - cannot install.

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