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thankyou everyone for your suggestions
i eventually installed Startup Disk Creator and used it to boot pep. 10
now i have it alongside linux lite
its running ok
complete sucess!

if you have gnome disks installed you can use that to create a bootable usb. just insert the stick select it from the displayed drives then using the 3 lines icon format first then restore disc image. you can see it here at 2:42

had a look at the vid----i did try it using the disk tool. it didnt work for me for some reason
i took a look how many files were in that "bootable" memorystick----there were only 8 compared to
many more when i used unetbootin
nevermind, next time im in town i ll get another memorystick and use the mint image creator

and if i can install everything this way i will mark it as solved
you got a very impressive list of solved problems on this forum

You can just use the image writer in a live session of Mint, no need to install it.

i do belive youre right there, M
if i had 2 usb sticks i would do exactly that. i only have one and live in a jungle
far from computer shops

thankyou spence for that idea

im running linux lite ---- and it really is lite---it dont have much on it---it dont have an image writer
i do have unetbootin that will create linuxmint 19.2. i could install that on a secondary partition on hard disk
i can the use its image writer to create a peppermint 10
format the secondary partition then install pep.
i ll give it a go

im thinking the only way of making live pep 10 usb is rufus
have to install a windows OS in another partition, install rufus and only then
will i get a live pep 10

nevermind. it was worth a try

been using linux mint cinnamon for years and changed to linux lite
i am very interested in peppermint 10. when i look at the unetbootin distribution setting
i dont see one for peppermint
i read an article saying "use lubuntu 1804 live 64"
well, i have a 32bit machine and i wonder if the "live 64" will work
btw, ive downloaded  pep 10 32 bit OS
some people say use Rufus but i cant install rufus on my linuxlite
what should i do?

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