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Software & Applications / Google websites does not work on Chromium
« on: May 17, 2014, 02:02:17 am »
Hey There! First off, Thank you for the people behind Linux and Peppermint:) It's a great OS, quite fast and stable.

Now... I just installed Peppermint 4 on my Dell Inspiron Mini 1010 and have experienced quite a lot of snags, but I guess I'll start with this one first as it's the 2nd most annoying of the errors I'm encountering and I frankly don't know where in the forum should I place the 1st XD

Anyway I'm using Chromium and it simply displays the "aww snap" logo each time I use a Google service.

Tried going to and that crashed, tried changing my default search engine to Google and my searches crash. I restarted and still the problems persists. I downloaded FF and Google works there without a problem. I'm a noob with Linux based OSes and would greatly appreciate anyone's help:)

Other problems I'm currently battling and experiencing

Right click is Weird, it would close the popup it opened immediately a lot of times but works well when using a mouse.
Wifi is not working
Resolution is still low
and Password is very very very annoying, I know the password part is not an error but I literally em asked to authenticate every 30 seconds when I'm trying to repair the problems. I can't get rid of it.

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