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Thank you PCNetSpec they are brilliant and can add them to my emails instead of regular smiley's that are with Thunderbird.  ;D

Blimey the Netherlands, that's like miles away from you. I'm just glad I was able to help in some small way and glad you have it fixed. I just love this OS and this Forum. One of my favorite parts is the little egg men they are so brilliant at capturing what people are feeling. Reminds me of a old ZX Spectrum game and for the life of me ah, love it when my brain does this and immediately comes up with the answer. The game was called Dizzy and it was a platform adventure game. Took ages to get anywhere, as you kept on to and fro, backwards and forwards, collecting stuff to get to solve the next puzzle. How I miss those type of games, that were so innocent and charming in their design. Oh happy days.  ;D

Software & Applications / Re: Something wicked happened! (SOLVED)
« on: September 18, 2019, 05:18:45 am »
LMAO :)) If you had said that you were using Open DNS I think I'd of been able to of worked it out too. Though ordinarily as in ordinary, or normal run of the mill Internet, would of just been changing mirrors. To change mirrors for you and everyone else reading this.

Code: [Select]

Then this window should appear though yours won't necessarily say United Kingdom, it will be where ever you are in the world.

Left Click arrow in the box next to Download From, the one with the name of your Country of Internet provider.

Choose Other in the drop down box
This should pop up.

You can either left click Select Best Server or select one from the list that is from your Country of Internet provider.
 You will have to put your password in in order for Internet provider to change and when you click close it will scan for updates, just like it will whilst finding Best provider. Sometimes this happens to me, that for some odd reason the download speed goes slow. Either too many people downloading the same updates at the same time, or maintenance fixes from main server can have an affect on speed too, as all these mirrors are in affect downloading from main server and rerouting it to faster mirrors. Hope this helped? And everyone else who might experience problems in the future.  ;D 

Software & Applications / Re: Something wicked happened!
« on: September 17, 2019, 08:53:44 am »
Hmm looks like it is taking a while for it to find said Repository, usually a change of mirror or waiting a while can solve it.  ;D

General Discussion / Re: Well.... all.....I left..... :(
« on: September 12, 2019, 12:51:03 pm »
Guess I am an oddball, I just don't see the lure of bouncing around other distributions when Peppermint works so well?!?


Here, Here Spence. I used to be hopper and the nightmare of installing nearly every other day other OSES, setting them up, then not feeling it something not right with it. Now so happy to have given that up, but still have the occasional look at other Ubuntu derivatives, or the occasional Arch system. No matter what though I always come back to Peppermint.  ;D

GNU/Linux Discussion / Re: People's dislike for Ubuntu
« on: September 08, 2019, 03:00:24 pm »
Everything that Peppermint is, is Ubuntu based and never have I had it gripe at me. Okay so my 5.0 Kernel does not like Ryzen for some odd reason? That's not the fault of Ubuntu or Peppermint or any other OS running that Kernel. The problem with straight Ubuntu OS is the fact one I can't get on with it, two rather have something else that feels more superior and easier to use. Three wrong decision from moving from Gnome 2 based desktop to Unity, but as a whole security wise and the sheer speediness of getting things patched when vulnerabilities hit Linux is amazing, you can always count on Ubuntu where security is concerned.  Take how quick, though it should not of been down to Ubuntu or any other OS to fix, but how quick was the meltdown and Spectre patches in the Kernel out? When it comes to derivatives of Ubuntu they are more personal to the writer of that particular OS. I could name hundreds of them, but I will just name Peppermint, because it stands out more so to people as being easy to use, easy to manage, everything there for you including little touches that Mark has added and has stood the test of time, simply because whatever we do on it as users it never gripes. I was playing the newish Resident Evil 2 remake through my Pep-Ten Gaming side of my computer and yes I know I can do that through any OS through SteamPlay Proton, but to see it on the Pep was absolutely mind blowing, it never faltered once and that is why I'm on Peppermint, because it is so stable and never crashes just keeps going. Ubuntu OS for me crashes an awful lot. So derivatives are in my book a good thing, especially when not only you have a great OS but a fantastic support and a friendly community, that will bend over backwards to help.  ;)

General Discussion / Re: Screenshot Gallery -- Show Us Your Screen
« on: September 07, 2019, 11:58:38 am »
You would think for the price of it, it would come with a switch to pick out the color you want and be set as default. I totally agree with the RGB though too much gimmick. It's because of those LED's that bump the price. All this tech and not a keyboard to do the simplest of tasks, whatever happened to luminous paint? I still own a pair of socks from the eighties that glow in the dark, without all this tech just the paint they were soaked in, no need to soak them in day light or under a light bulb for hours to heat them up to become luminous either. Everyone knew where I was, as not just the socks glowing, but I looked like a weird Ready Brek kid with a halo round my body as I walked down the street. Oh those were the days.  :D

General Discussion / Re: Screenshot Gallery -- Show Us Your Screen
« on: September 07, 2019, 04:10:42 am »
Although really I'd prefer wired to wireless, so still looking :(


Maybe the Silver version of this

Really I'd prefer the all black 'carbon' version, but with white instead of red backlight

Here is a link to Logitech G513 RGB Keyboard.  ;D

It's spillage resistant too, so it won't fry if you spill a cuppa over it.

General Discussion / Re: Screenshot Gallery -- Show Us Your Screen
« on: September 06, 2019, 07:06:06 pm »

This one definitely works with Linux but at 220 it's pricey  :o

DasGeek review here

Regards Zeb...

 :o me too, flipping heck. I picked up for twenty quid USB Lenovo mouse and keyboard lovely to type with, the mouse comes with a weight in the front stopping it from wobbling over the screen. Plus you get the added bonus of Function keys on the keyboard, whether o not it glows in the dark I have no idea, for an extra 200.00 quid I want it to talk to me and ask me how my day has been, put the kettle on and make me a nice cuppa coffee, wake me up in time to go to bed, like my missus does when I've accidentally on purpose fallen asleep in front of some God forsaken film that she picked up for 50p. Many a evening I'll get nudged in the the side of my ribs, by her bony elbow, with her saying
"Oi wake up it's time to go to bed?" I would not want this keyboard to do that, as it'll end up smashed up all over the floor. How can they justify such a price? It's beyond my logic.  ;D

General Discussion / Re: STUDY: Patience Thresholds Lower Than Ever Before
« on: September 04, 2019, 07:00:47 pm »
For sure, how can you expect to figure out how to boil your leave-eyes jeans if you don't first know how to wash EU're eggs .. kinda obvious really innit ???

Indeed PCNetSpec, then you think about all the traditional jobs Man used to do? Thatching for instance, how many youngans are there in the Thatching business? Answer not many if not any, so probably none? How many houses in Britain still rely on having their roofs thatching replaced? I dunno but surely more than some? Is it passed down to the next generation? It used to be, but probably ain't now? Love answering a question with a probable question? That is probable, but who can say for sure? I can for sure, but in this case typing it and I can do that too it and this is getting stupid? Yes  ;D

General Discussion / Re: STUDY: Patience Thresholds Lower Than Ever Before
« on: September 04, 2019, 03:24:52 pm »
I'm not political in any way, so I live in ignorance? No I just don't want to get involved in a political debate, about repeating the same old thing time and again. We all deal with polotics which shirt to wear that one is, politics also to the decisions of even what side of the bed we wanna get out on this morning? When it comes to governments and political talks with other countries and all the other rubbish like promises, agreements and all the other hype, then why can't they just stick with what they originally came up with? Answer because there is always someone else who disagrees, on decisions that do make sense. It's happened all through time. Do humans learn from their mistakes? No we keep harping on about looking at history so we don't make the same mistakes again, but Man chooses to do the opposite.  ::)

General Discussion / Re: STUDY: Patience Thresholds Lower Than Ever Before
« on: September 04, 2019, 03:07:17 pm »
Wow according to the article in this link  ( everything upsets today's generation which doesn't surprise me at all.

Today's generation doesn't seem to be able to cope well with a lot of things that people out of my generation just dealt with and handled as it came up. (I'm 67 years old)

Well even in my short 47 years on this mortal coil, We were told as children to quit ya beefin'? Or I'll give you something to beef about. We were told to put up or shut up. I was a very ill child my Father was a toilet seat, many a day would sit round his round blue lap and the conversations we had from me throwing up, to the unrecognisable in speech, but the cool sounds of Niagara Falls he played on his tape player, always after I threw up.  :)) But seriously you'll be surprised how many people out there have not even got basic life skills, from washing their clothes to boiling an egg, they have no clue or have not had a good start, or just don't want to know and live in ignorance.

General Discussion / Re: STUDY: Patience Thresholds Lower Than Ever Before
« on: September 04, 2019, 02:41:41 pm »
Yeah it was me trying to see if he was still alive, as he was skating along looking at his mobile multimedia device, just making sure he was not like everyone else a mobile zombie.  :D

General Discussion / Re: STUDY: Patience Thresholds Lower Than Ever Before
« on: September 04, 2019, 01:23:05 pm »
That's only a handful of people, I was bought no let me rephrase that? Brought up to wait and that patience is a virtue, please and thank you goes along way, as it's free and nothing should really stress us out as humans. I've been stuck in traffic and on the inside wanted to strangle every living thing in front of me, but never showed it. I'm a very down to Earth person, who loves watching other people nearly get run over, by accidentally on purpose bumping into them, just at the most crucial moment, to make sure they're still alive. Causing them to actually look up and take note to what is going on around them and not be stuck in a virtual bubble, called Facial Bricks.

I've witnessed first hand what these mobile multimedia devices do to people, especially people who chuck their partners over a Text message. Blatantly saying or typed in a text:
Code: [Select]
"I don't love you any more I'm saying goodbye, Bye."
Just because they never had the common decency to say it to their faces, so because the world and their wives rely solely on their mobile multimedia devices and no doubt a lot of couples are sat at home on their tablets, though in the same room and can barely say a word to each other? All because they need to find out what Roberty Roberts done today on his skateboard.
Code: [Select]
(That was a example by the way and I am no way associated if there is really a guy called Roberty Roberts who rides a stunt skateboard)
I blame the whole social media platform for it all. But then there are people out there who think just like I do that the whole world has gone nuts and that there is no way back into the jar.  ;D

Software & Applications / Re: Adding Eclipse to menu
« on: September 04, 2019, 12:12:52 pm »

I have installed Eclipse from and got the program installed in folder:


To run the program i must enter this folder and launch the eclipse launcher. If i search it from the menu bar i can't find it. I have added a launcher for it beside the menu button but i would like to have it appear in the menu. How do i do this?


Hello Boola, to add new stuff to menu I think you need to right click Whisker menu icon in panel or task bar, left click edit applications choose which category you want Eclipse to go in then push add the green add button at the top left of the menu you're in. Below is a photiograaphh of mine.

After left clicking the green plus sign a list comes up I chose Add Launcher

Where it Says New Launcher, you can left click it and call it Eclipse a tick will show up in the box don't worry about that. The Icon on the left is the type of Icon to choose for your App, you can left click it and choose from hundreds of Icons.

Next we have the command line, to tell this menu to open the Eclipse app, so you need to find where you installed it or downloaded it and add it to the command line. Don't worry you don't have to be a programmer to get this to work, left click the file icon on the right of Command, as once you've found where the apps exe or sh file is it'll remember after you've hit apply and automatically open your Eclipse app, just like a real app in a real menu and the warm glow you feel for the first time of doing such a thing is second to none. It did me anyway.  ;)

I hope this helped  ;D

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