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Maybe, but MrGizmo said:-

I would prefer to have the images centered

Instructions for centered were requested, so instructions for centered was what I responded with :)

Yeah I know but I was just saying, that you have the choice of scaled too. Which looks better on my Lenovo, maybe not for everyone, but on my Lenovo, did I mention my Lenovo?  ;D

Try running:
Code: [Select]
gksudo xed /usr/bin/
find the section
Code: [Select]
	if [ -f "/usr/bin/nitrogen" ] 			# Si l'application NITROGEN est installée sur le disque, on l'utilise en priorité.
nitrogen --set-zoom-fill "$LIGNE" # redimensionne automatiquement l'image - voir nitrogen --help pour les autres possibilités
and change it to
Code: [Select]
	if [ -f "/usr/bin/nitrogen" ] 			# Si l'application NITROGEN est installée sur le disque, on l'utilise en priorité.
nitrogen --set-centered "$LIGNE" # redimensionne automatiquement l'image - voir nitrogen --help pour les autres possibilités
SAVE the file.

Try it now

On my screen as I'm on my Lenovo Yoga 500 Laptop at work, this works if I change it to scaled, it fits the whole of the screen, rather than a cheap BBC wide screen effect, with black masking tape across the top and bottom of the screen. Remember that sketch from Alas Smith And Jones? Must be on YouTube? Just spent two or so hours trying to find said sketch, but to no avail.  :( But to cheer you up here is what my desktop looks like, with above setting changed to scaled.

General Discussion / Re: New Purchases 2019
« on: July 09, 2019, 07:33:34 pm »
I thought food for human consumption was VAT zero-rated, with some exceptions:-

In addition, restaurants and takeaway vendors must charge VAT on all hot takeaways and home deliveries, but don’t need to charge VAT on cold takeaway food unless it’s to be eaten in a designated area.

You know .. all the stuff you're likely to enjoy and buy the most of ::)


I remember the uproar, of hot food having VAT on takeaway food, especially originally the argument about VAT on cold food like a cold Sausage roll, that could be heated up at home, still would of had VAT smacked on it, but they still charge you VAT if you're going to eat cold takeaway food in a designated area. What if you say no, I'm going home, pay for your food, then sit down at a designated area and eat? They can't charge you twice for it. When you look at what we pay for items on Amazon and check the checkout list, half if not all of the price of the item is VAT, take it away and you're laughing, but like I said before I or we can dream of a non VAT world, though all this VAT stems back to the fact the world is over populated and so prices of stuff has to keep going through the roof, as over heads rise too.  :( to say.

General Discussion / Re: New Purchases 2019
« on: July 09, 2019, 06:25:37 pm »

IKR. It's like sitting on a beach, watching the ocean ebb and flow.

I avoid taxes whenever possible. I bought this SSD from Newegg. They're a big company, but they don't have a business presence in this state, thus no local, state, or federal taxes. That saves 8-10% on the total purchase price.

I also track pricing trend lines on sites like camelcamelcamel and pcpartpicker.

Example #1:

Example #2:

The trick is to practice due diligence by researching prices, and most importantly, be patient...  ;)

Problem here in Britain, is not wanting to wait around to long for the postman to deliver, also we cannot get away from VAT as even our food has VAT whacked on top. I've been waiting since 27th of June for this to come through the post, although no tracking info and yes for my new phone I could of bought one from the high street, but wanted to give this seller a go, free postage and child labour springs to mind, as it's taking forever to get here.  :D

General Discussion / Re: New Purchases 2019
« on: July 09, 2019, 05:00:52 am »
Okay, well, I put my money where my 'mouth' is  ;D

I've been waiting for the 1TB Crucial MX500 to hit $!00 USD. So...

Heh! How low can these things go???

For God knows how many years SSD drives have been so expensive, I was lucky to pick up my 1TB Sandisk SSD for £84.00 (104.84 USD) off Amazon uk went to buy another a week later and they shot up to £111.48 (139.14 USD) I don't get the logic of putting the prices up even more, cause no way would anyone want to pay even more, than what they originally paid. Or do they base their pricing on where the silicon market is, at that time?  :-\ Also once you take off the VAT it's stupidly cheap, if only there was no VAT I can dream though.  ;)

... but I am confident that PCNetSpec will not adopt this Flapjack approach to packaging).  ;)

Me too! ;)

Me Three  :D

Do you guys think Ubuntu will eventually replace  APT... :-\
Funny thing is though, I don't see the Linux community going gaga over Snaps or Flatpaks.  I just don't see it.

No like I said they will move over to full on Debian. I've just downloaded XFCE Debian Buster to have a gander at. Still have my Peppermint 10. I have a icy dock on my new build and some extra 250GB SSD drives to use, so thought I'd have a look at Buster.  ;D

I'll always have a soft spot for 6, it was the first one I built and to my surprise it got a fair bit of praise, so yeah I'm sad to see it go too :(

I used Peppermint 6 and changed it from LXDE to XFCE environment, took me ages to figure it out, but because LXDE was still running in the background, it flew along.  What I loved about earlier Peppermints, you could see with each new release where Peppermint was going. Just loving Peppermint cannot keep away from it, does everything I ask it to do, never falters, never gripes, just says yes I can do that. I bet in years to come, Peppermint OS will talk to us all.  ;D 

The problem if they replace APT with say sudo snap install, you'll be waiting forever cause snap packages are way too big. Or on the other hand they would not be known as a Debian ish base system anymore, they'll be known as Ubuntu based on snap. If they were to move the whole thing over to Snap, they would have to reduce the file size down, cause at the moment it takes and downloads way too big a file, when a normal deb or tar.gz file takes no time at all. you will also see a lot of people going away from a Ubuntu based system altogether, to Arch or full on Debian, as in my own opinion Canonical will shoot themselves in the foot, if they go ahead with Snaps as a substitute for the Deb file install is now. If that makes sense?

Also where will Peppermint go to? As I know Mark surely would not put up with his Beloved OS running slow, after all the work he has put in, to make it as fast as humanly possible for us all to use. I certainly will not put up with it, they seem to make some weird decisions at Canonical and like the old saying goes why try to fix it, if it ain't broke in the first place? Makes me mad when they introduce stuff, that could potentially break everything else. Linux is about choice after all and it has taken not just myself, but many, many people years to finally settle on an OS that does everything, they chuck at it. I think really that Peppermint will stay with Deb/APT and not bother with Snaps, whether or not Linux Mint and other Ubuntu based OSES would do the same I have no idea, but I for one hate Snap packages and wish to God they were never invented, cause once they are introduced to a novice of Linux, a lot of the time the app they install this way does not work anyway. It makes me want to  :'( every time something Canonical introduces to Ubuntu or announce, like no more support for 32bit. I used to look up to them, but not anymore as the decisions in my opinion that they have made of late are bad ones. Sorry for the novel but needed to get it off my chest.  ;D

New Users / Re: Linux Mint user, thinking of converting to Peppermint
« on: July 08, 2019, 11:40:20 am »
The only way a Linux Mint Desktop or any other Linux can change themes and things, is if you have someone else sharing the same account as yourself and they are changing it around. If you do come over to Peppermint and this is the case of someone else using the same account as yourself and where the hell are the commas don't forget to breathe whilst reading this as I'm getting out of breathe typing it. Hurray a fall stop or period as Americans call it.

Create a separate account for them.  ;D You will love Peppermint I guarantee it, as all my computers apart from one has Peppermint 10 on and everything just works out of the box.

Advanced Topics / Re: A Pepp 10 graphics Issue **Solved**
« on: July 07, 2019, 03:05:30 pm »
Bi-Polar Piston (new invention of mine) .. it's up, it's down, it's up, it's dow.....

Big Party Pooper

Best Peppermint Podcast

Bi-Polar Piston, cracked me up :))

Advanced Topics / Re: A Pepp 10 graphics Issue **Solved**
« on: July 07, 2019, 03:03:46 pm »
Actually he meant my new nick name, BPP, Big Poppa Peppermint........

Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk

Gosh darn it, I never heard of that. Though my interpretation of what I thought Mark was saying, is way off the mark, but interesting never the less. :))

Advanced Topics / Re: A Pepp 10 graphics Issue **Solved**
« on: July 06, 2019, 03:28:04 pm »
 bounded-error probabilistic polynomial , I take it it is this that you meant? Which the Alan Turing machine in polynomial time.

In computational complexity theory, BPP, which stands for bounded-error probabilistic polynomial time is the class of decision problems solvable by a probabilistic Turing machine in polynomial time, with an error probability of at most 1/3 for all instances. Informally, a problem is in BPP if there is an algorithm for it that has the following properties: It is allowed to flip coins and make random decisions It is guaranteed to run in polynomial time On any given run of the algorithm, it has a probability of at most 1/3 of giving the wrong answer, whether the answer is YES or NO. Unbelievable the computers they had at Bletchley Park. I hope to visit Bletchley again, as they were fixing it up to look exactly how it was in the 40's.  ;D

General Discussion / Re: New Purchases 2019
« on: July 06, 2019, 02:17:23 pm »
Shouldn't the P20 actually say on Amazon Available from this one and only seller? Take the VAT away and you'll have it for next to nothing.  ;D

Just used this on Peppermint 10 on my Lenovo Yoga 500, which I have upgraded it's memory to 8GB and put in a SSD. Had been having problems with the touch pad mouse, when writing in forums, the vibration would send the cursor to the beginning of the document, making already written words unreadable, so pushing Fn and F6 switches off the touch pad altogether and now after using this tutorial, am able to use the touch screen without any jumbled words. Thank you so much for this fix, it's working perfectly in Pep 10. I know this post dates way back, but it is still applicable today, for touch screen laptops and tablets. I'm like that cow over the moooon!   :D

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