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(on default network manager now)

so i found out that if i logged out and back in again the icon would be fine, and the menu would also work as expected.
i had autologin on so i turned it off, and now it works from the minute i boot up my computer,
but now i have to input my password when i start my computer, not a big deal though.

i'm guessing you (tppthpthp) also have autologin enabled? try if logging out and in again helps with the icon and menu.
if so do this to disable autologin

sudo pluma /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf
remove your username after "autologin-user="

save and then reboot
you'll have  to login but the icon and right click menu should be fine now.

yeah i have to manually connect to networks each time i boot up my laptop, it's pissing me off now :/
going to try to revert to using network manager

EDIT: nope issue remains, oh well

GNU/Linux Gaming / Nvidia Optimus: bumblebee vs nvidia-prime
« on: July 09, 2016, 02:08:36 am »
i'm using a laptop to game on, and i'm currently using the nvidia-prime solution to switch graphics cards, which is default among most ubuntu based distributions. 
however it does have some issues with screen-tearing and being tedious in the switching process.
almost every non-ubuntu based distro is using bumblebee by default to switch between graphics cards, with either optirun or primusrun.
are there any performance differences between using Bumblebee with primusrun and nvidia-prime?
does anyone have more experience with the differences between the two?
are there people who use Bumblebee on peppermintOS?

i'd like to know your thoughts on the subject

Hi intuxicated, and welcome to the forum :)

Take a look at this topic,3844.0.html
and see if either of the solutions there work for you

thanks :)

i've tried them, the only one that kinda works is installing the WiCD network manager, though when using that i can't just click connect on a network and provide the password.
i have to open the network manager through the start menu, edit properties and then choose the encryption type and input the password, and then i can click on the icon in the taskbar and connect to it.
it's not ideal but functional for now. I hope that network manager fixes this in future updates so i can use it again soon.

 I also have this network which is a hotspot called "TelenetWiFree" where i need to provide both a username and password but i have no idea which encryption type i have to use for that :/

Hardware / can't find networks, but still auto connects to networks
« on: July 08, 2016, 10:12:42 am »
my network icon changed to the icon for a cabled connection, even though it is clearly connected to a wifi network, aside from that it doesn't seem like it finds any networks, despite there being at least 6 in range. i also can't change networks because of this, the only network i can connect to are the ones it automatically connects to.

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