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Hardware / Re: Unable to locate package lib32gcc1
« on: November 14, 2015, 01:35:02 pm »
I figured out my issue, I installed with the wrong disk (the 32bit I used on my laptop).  Well, this is how I got somewhat knowledgeable with window...wipe, reinstall, and start over again.  Not only can you mark this thread as resolved, but delete it too, because I am embarrassed  :-[ .  Thanks for the great support.

Hardware / Re: Unable to locate package lib32gcc1
« on: November 11, 2015, 08:28:10 am »
Sorry, I should have clarified how I tried to install lib32gcc1.  I initially did try to install lib32gcc1 using the sudo apt-get install command which gave me the error "Unable to locate package lib32gcc1."  I then tried to add some PPA's where the lib32gcc1 was, of which didn't work due to no authentification key.  I also downloaded a .deb pkg which didn't install due to lack of required install pkg's (I didn't continue down that rabbit hole).

but if you go to:-

menu > Preferences > Additional Drivers

are any drivers being offered for installation ?

Aha!  Proprietary drivers are there.  I saw it last night, but didnt make the connection.  I will try out the fglrx drivers asap. 
Before this topic gets marked resolved, I am still curious as to how to get lib32gcc1 installed.

Thanks PCNetSpec for your help, I am really enjoying the Peppermint Interface and as long as the learning curb remains "not to steep,"  I will continue to do so.



Hardware / Unable to locate package lib32gcc1
« on: November 10, 2015, 10:41:45 pm »
I am trying to install the latest catalyst drivers from AMD and the tutorials I have read require lib32gcc1 to be installed.  I am new to Linux and trying out the different flavors for ease of use and installation.  I hope there is an easy fix for this, because I am really keen on Peppermint OS 6, but so far Linux Mint has given me no install issues out of the few flavors I have tried.    Is there a PPA I can add for the lib32gcc1 , or an alternate way of installing the graphics card, that you could link me to?
Running 64 bit version on:
Radeon HD 6850
Phenom II 975
Asus  M3A78-cm
Thanks for your time and great looking software.

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