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Installation / 32 bit EFI installation possible?
« on: April 15, 2020, 06:29:49 pm »
I want to update my old Macbook 2,1 (or the even older Macbook Pro 2,2) to linux. I thought I might make them more useful for my son to do Google classroom but also actually learn about computers; and get me some experience too. BUT both have 32-bit EFI/64-bit processors and I am having trouble finding an ISO that will boot. I have found info online re Matt Gadient's modifications, but neither Mac will boot from a DVD; and Stefan's instructions for making a USB seem slightly overwhelming (I will likely dive into that if I can't come up with an easier to me solution). In case it isn't clear, I am persistent and careful but completely inexperienced with Linux. I have used Windows but usually use Macs. SO -- are any Peppermint versions bootable to a 32bit EFI system? As background - I have been able to boot Sugar on both, from USB (didn't like it though; too different, not what I'm looking for); Fedora LXDE to the newer Mac; and I can get both to recognize a USB with a modified Peppermint 9 I found in the forum (modified for 32bit EFI PC's with 64bit processors- similar to the Macs I have, but different) as bootable, but neither actually boots. I get to the screen where I choose Try Peppermint and then the Pro goes black with a cursor in top left and stops; the MacBook gets through that and flashes a few times and I'm left with a mostly black screen with slightly colored lines across it. I tried the 32bit version and the USB isn't recognized as a boot device. Any help would be very much appreciated.

I know both machines are slow/old. But Lion is running on the Mac (but so out of date many web pages can't load) so I figure something leaner and newer could be better; and I converted the MacBook into a chromium book a year or so ago, but the camera doesn't work and the cursor shakes like crazy and I was hoping to find something a bit more functional. Maybe I'm dreaming?

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