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Installing peppermint 9 respin2 32 bit on 865pe neo2 msi- 6728-ver 1, intel p4.
So I have downloaded the iso a few times, used imgburn to burn the iso, disk is verified
100 % successful with no errors.
Load the disk and get to the live session, select to install, insatll fails with disk match error, finish insatll.
On next boot from the hard disk, get past bios screen, unsupported video display message on monitor.
Hit the pc reset button, load live session, run gpart, hard drive shows 9+ gb of data ext4 but not locked , delete partition, back to square one.
I have turned off bios caching, network adapter during  install, no luck.
The system has 2 gb of ddr ram in all 4 banks installed running in dual channel liner mode.
The p4 has hyperthreading enabled, cpu 2.8 mhz .
All this was going to be used for was web surfing, watching a dvd, youtube or listing to some mp3's. 

Had not booted peppermint 8 in a few weeks, started it up today and got a display message; no video input or unsupported format.
Had set the resolution to 1920 x 1080 through the display configuration.
The gpu card is a ati (amd) r92le, dvi, s-video, d-snub,; using d-snub, get a bios post screen then  no video input or unsupported format,
using dvi, no bios post then  no video input after peppermint 8 selection options.
At times the display will render at 480p but nothing will show on dvi and or d-snub.
My question is how do I reset the display to default ? thanks to any guidance on this.

Installation / Linux firmware update to 1.157.17 fails
« on: May 06, 2018, 06:32:47 pm »
Updating firmware 1.157.15 to 1.157.17 fails with error; unexpected end of file or stream.
Other software-packages can update-install with no issues using package  manager,
The firmware update fails, tries recover but just hangs on recovery until manually
Also having network issues on a 100mbps connection, google chrome failed to connect
on any  page with  o snap.
Don't know if the internet connection issue is causing the update issue, but not an issue on
win10 connecting through the same device.

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