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Development / Xorg or Wayland, that's the question
« on: June 01, 2019, 11:09:41 am »
To make it short: A lot talk is about Wayland as the upcoming standard for security. Despite of the benchmark performance (Xorg/Xserver is a strong competitor!) I am interested in technical details. I still think that Xorg is not a bad choice, considering all the possible security features like sandboxing, apparmor and so on. Thoughts?

Have made a freshhhhhhh install and all I can say is thank you all.  :D
If someone has the time for a quick answer:
Everybody is talking about Wayland and how secure it is. I still believe that Xorg isn't that bad and it still is a good choice. Input please!

Hi everybody, nice offer for a low budget machine and therefore I am having hard times to withstand. Do you think the specs will be a problem to install Peppermint as the only OS? Edit: I ask because of the 32GB EMMC drive. I have no idea if this may cause trouble during the installation (lack of support?).

Lenovo 120S-14IAP 81A500ACGE 14", Intel Pentium N4200, 4GB Onboard Ram (LPDDR4 2400), 32GB EMMC, W10

New Users / Secure boot question (Solved)
« on: March 08, 2018, 01:06:39 pm »
This is a pretty idiotic question. My system works and boots with secure boot disabled. Now I wanted to switch my bios settings back to secure boot enabled - and my  Pepp 8 did not boot. So I disabled secure boot and everything is fine again. Sorry for this, but there must be something simple to get my secure boot working again.

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