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New Users / VPN services, KODI , Torrents and UFW firewall
« on: August 08, 2016, 05:55:03 am »
Hi Guys,
            My first post here and new user to Linux. Please be
After my XP Pentium 4 machine stopped working (possible windows corrupted and suspect Microsoft put a kill code in the very last update), I had a choice.. throw it out and harvest the hard drives or install Linux and Linux won.
I have wanted to install and learn about Linux for ages but never had the opportunity till know.
After reading up and watching you tube vids (English bob and Newell) .. I installed Peppermint 7, two days ago.

WOW.. very nice. So quick and it brought my box back to life and now I can learn about Linux.

I am pretty good with my other windows 7 PC and REFUSE to go to windows 10 after the complete disregard for user privacy.

Anyway, I wonder if you guys can help.

I want to run my Linux machine with KODI (formerly XBMC). Mainly as a Home theatre PC and a test machine for learning Linux, before loading Linux on a newer machine.

That was pretty easy to do with Peppermint and just downloaded Kodi by debion.

I would like to know what you guys do in regards to a VPN service.
I have read that PPTP is insecure and was looking at a VPN service for example : Express VPN or others.
It looks like most VPN services have a graphic user interface for ease of use.. but can't really tell if the graphics interface (user panel/interface) is for Linux or not.

What do you guys use in regards to KODI, TORRENTS, VPN's etc...

I will also block all traffic except the VPN traffic, when using the VPN, via the UFW firewall that came with Peppermint.

I am good with photoshop and PC's but when I looked at Linux code (terminal etc..) it's like a second language

When I first opened the terminal...

Your help or advice would be so greatly appreciated for this very green Linux newbie.

Thx Guys.


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