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Title: New pc AMD Ryzen build, new install + dual boot issue. (Solved)
Post by: demag on July 02, 2020, 02:04:46 pm
I built this pc this week with a Gigabyte Aorus Pro mb. I set the bios to Legacy and dual booted P10 and Win10 64, Windows is an old install (a few years) but my P10 Respin install was on an old pata/ide hdd so could not be used with this board. I used an old sata 80gig hdd and put P10 on it, updated grub and everything worked, got the grub menu at startup to boot into P10 or Windows no problem.

The old hdd was very slow and not in good health so I fitted a Samsung Evo ssd and once again burned P10 onto it but this time when I booted and updated grub Windows did not show up. When I restarted the pc it booted straight into P10 with no grub menu which had me puzzled.

I looked on the Disks utility and found the Evo ssd had formatted partition 1 as Fat32 during install and was mounted at/boot/efi. Partition 2 is Extention 4 though, so I ran a live P10 session and formatted the ssd as Extension 4 then reinstalled P10 onto it. I got the same result and can still only boot P10. I checked bios and it's still set to Legacy so nothing has changed there.

I'm going to change the boot order in bios and see if I can boot Windows and then I might refit the old 80gig hdd and see if that will dual boot but I would like to use the ssd simply for the speed.
Title: Re: New pc AMD Ryzen build, new install + dual boot issue. (Solved)
Post by: demag on July 02, 2020, 04:48:14 pm
Well I managed to sort it. I checked the P10 install on the old 80gig hdd and there were no fat32 partitions anywhere. So I connected the ssd back up and ran yet another P10 live session!
I opened Gparted and deleted all the partitions again then formatted the whole drive into one ext 4 partition.  Then I reinstalled P10 for about the fifth time :D after double checking there were no fat32 entries on the drive. Rebooted and yes everything was back to normal  :). How strange was that then.