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Title: Re: /duckduckgo
Post by: Ulysses_ on June 11, 2020, 10:44:57 am
(if you want to help out Peppermint) in Basilisk, go to:
and click on the blue writing that says "DuckduckGo (PeppermintOS)" (just to the right of the little Peppermint candy logo).

Accept the installation .. and allow it to become the default search engine.

Now DuckDuckGo will pay Peppermint for searches rather than palemoon.

Hello there, much as I like Peppermint and would happily support it by viewing adverts or something, this search engine thing baffles me. Isn't duckduckgo supposed to be privacy respecting? By the way what does t=hk instead of t=peppermint mean?
Title: Re: /duckduckgo
Post by: spence on June 11, 2020, 11:58:59 am
Hello & Welcome back to our forum Ulysses_

I have split your unrelated query about duckduck go into it's own thread, as forum etiquette dictates forum members start their own queries. Especially when it's completely unrelated to the OP's (original post) original topic.

Why do we prefer new threads for new queries and support issues? It allows individual forum users to mark their individual threads (ABANDONED) (RESOLVED) or (SOLVED) as each thread warrants.

Many years ago, the makers of DuckDuckGo gifted us a customized start page. PeppermintOS does receive income when folks choose to do their searches via

Yes duck duck go is privacy focused, quite relevant in these strange times!  #teampeppermint appreciates all our users who make it their personal start pages.

We do not have ads in our forum by default, not by design though.

For further reading about why we ask for this bit of forum etiquette and how to mark topics (ABANDONED) (RESOLVED) or (SOLVED), please read the pinned post here:,24.0.html

Happy Pepperminting!