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Title: Bad downloads? (Solved) NO
Post by: Brotherred on March 30, 2020, 09:37:25 pm
I am just now seriously trying to root my Samsung Galaxy S7. The local computer store has hacked this model for me before but this time I am trying to do it my self. I found heimdall-frontend which is a program just like Oden for windows, except heimdall and the front end are available in the repo.

Anyway with two diferent image files that I have down loaded heimdall, wants to see an xml file. I have downloaded it and redownloaded both files several times. And all I can find on this issue is that the missing xml file means that it was a bad download. I can not seem to use download managers because these files are stored in Dropbox and Google Drive respectively.

I have with one of the files, save it to my dropbox and used it from there. I got the exact same error.

I guess I am asking if anyone has ever encountered a similar issue with file downloads. By the way both files come named as file.tar.md5 or file.rar.md5
But neither file has a md5 number to check against  the file.

Here is the dropbox file: (
Here is the Google Drive file: (



Title: Re: Bad downloads?
Post by: Slim.Fatz on March 31, 2020, 12:14:15 am
Hi Brotherred,

This is not a support question for the PeppermintOS forum. You should contact the people responsible for heimdall or perhaps a Samsung Galaxy forum.  ;)


-- Slim