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Title: Help needed with a Dad with Altzeimers.
Post by: Kwales66 on February 13, 2020, 08:04:04 pm
Hi Everyone I'm new here!

Recently started using Peppermint and of course love it.

A question:

My Dad currently uses Win10 but it confuses him. especially every big update. As he has Dementia.

Has anyone here got any experience of changing people with this illness from Win10 to Linux?

Any advice would be appreciated.


Title: Re: Help needed with a Dad with Altzeimers.
Post by: Slim.Fatz on February 14, 2020, 08:45:24 am
Hi Kwales66,

I'm sorry to hear about your father.  :'( I'm also sorry to say that my experience with AD (Alzheimer's Disease) is that changes are very often confusing for the patient. This is not to say that you will not have success, but the change from using one desktop and OS to a quite different desktop and OS does not look promising.  ;)

 I would perhaps suggest trying a linux distro that uses a very similar desktop as that on Win 10. Then the only really big change for your father would be the improved (i.e. simplified) updating which will not be popping up in his face, taking control of the computer and often taking very long to complete.


-- Slim
Title: Re: Help needed with a Dad with Altzeimers.
Post by: VinDSL on February 14, 2020, 10:02:06 am
Any advice would be appreciated.


My mom has Alzheimer. My mother-in-law had Alzheimer. And, my father has dementia, so I've had lots of personal experience(s) with this.

Personally, I wouldn't attempt to switch anything on anybody that's suffering from cognitive impairment; but, that's just me.

My wife is a former 'secretary four' at Arizona Bank; and, a former 'high-debt collector' at American Express. When she 'retired', she got a bookkeeping gig at a local movie chain; tasked with issuing 'million-dollar checks' to movie studios on a weekly basis (they want their money now, not next month lol), blah, blah, blah. There's nothing wrong with her.

I'm a piker compared to my wife, yet SHE is confused by Linux - actually, Linux spreadsheet proggies. She's a died-in-the-wool Excel user, period. Exclamation point!

As an aside, I H-A-T-E 'smart' phones, and refuse to become a zombie to them. Sure, I carry my 'leash' around with me, everywhere I go; but, there isn't a day that goes by, when I don't feel like smashing it on the floor, in rebellion.

But, I digress...  ::)

Anyway, once again, if it was me, I wouldn't present him with any new challenges. I'd stick with winders, and let the chips fall where they may.
Title: Re: Help needed with a Dad with Altzeimers.
Post by: clatterfordslim on February 14, 2020, 01:06:15 pm
I work in care and have seen how Alzheimer destroys not just it's host, but families too. I have to agree with VinDSL here, as any changes can cause large upset, anxiety too. What are the parts of Win 10 that he finding confusing? Just support him and reassure him, show him, explain what to do, even guide him. I hate dementia with a passion, when I first got into care work as a community care worker I was chucked in at the deep end, after a week's worth of training, with a gentlemen who when I arrived was trying to get milk out of the wall. He saw the wall as a cow and I was only there to give him a shower. I introduced myself and asked what he was doing? He replied that he just cannot seem to get any milk out of this cow. I said oh well I tell you what follow me I'll get you some milk, so we went into the kitchen and I opened the fridge poured him out some milk in a beaker and he was happy. All the while I was as nervous as anything, as this was my introduction to the world of care and especially dementia. I read a poem at my future Mother In Law's funeral, though she is still here in spirit. Even today I look back on this poem and think that it brings it home as to what Dementia actually is.

Code: [Select]
               Dementia Is My Name

I start out very slowly so you wonít even know I am there.
You become a little forgetful but you donít seem to care.
Then I begin to up the ante for I am never satisfied.
You forget how to drive or even about the ride.

I want you to forget how you once loved to cook.
I want you to forget how you once read a book.
I want you to forget your loved onesí names, special places and things.
I want to take away your memory and the joy that those things bring.

I donít care what your age is: man or woman means nothing to me.
I have no conscious for what I am doing, I am insidious canít you see?
Until they find a cure for me, I will go on my merry way.
Looking for my next victim which I am sure I will find today.
Then I will seep into their memory a little at a time.
Iím vicious and relentless as I continue to commit my crime.
I will leave them with a blank canvas where pictures were once stored.
I will rot their conscious mind of all the things they once adored.

I am on a feeding frenzy and they are my perfect host.
No amount of medicine can stop me. I just love to boast.
I will tear apart their family: they wonít ever know what to do.
There is nothing that can mend their loved ones, there is no special glue.

I will leave them broken and battered, a shell of whom they once were.
And all that they remember will now be one big blur.
Yes, I wear many disguises and I am out to win my game.
So I will show you no mercy, for dementia is my name.

Title: Re: Help needed with a Dad with Altzeimers.
Post by: spence on February 14, 2020, 02:49:38 pm
My own Mom, who suffers from panic and anxiety induced dementia, navigated peppermintOS quite easily. I took her laptop and installed it without telling her. She moved about freely and easily. A few months later she called to say "I'm astonished by your skills I haven't had any difficulty with the laptop."

I made the mistake of telling her it was because she no longer had windows. After telling me she's too old to deal with new technology, she put that machine on a shelf and bought a new windows machine, which she is constantly battling. Just got off the phone with her and she can't remember how to log into her gmail. Yeah, no... I don't follow that logic either.

Yet she wasn't willing to log into the team viewer so I could fix it. "Maybe I'll have more energy tomorrow" she said as she hung up.

It is possible, and after you set it up to look like Windows color wise, you'd have to be willing to work on your father's machine remotely.

In other news, here's a link to something most alzheimer's patients care team overlook... (

Title: Re: Help needed with a Dad with Altzeimers.
Post by: clatterfordslim on February 14, 2020, 07:10:25 pm
As vitamin B3 is Niacin and should be prescribed or at least taken by everyone on the planet, especially if dementia or Alzheimer's runs in the family. Arteries get unblocked and better health in general with Vitamin B3, lowers cholesterol considerably. Vitamin E according to this link can help slow down the process of Dementia. It's alright me saying that people are living longer now, but I looked after a gentlemen who was ninety five and the only thing wrong with him was he had water retention in his legs and found it hard to walk.

He said to me one day, that by the next time you're due to visit me I won't be here, so to thank you for all your time and work you've done with me, I'd like to play you Moonlight Sonata on my piano. He played it all the way through without any music in front of him, no duff notes, played it exactly how it was written. I was due to see him the following week, but it was like he knew when he was going to go and he died two days before I was due to see him again. I paid my respects at the crematorium to him and his family, plus doing so closure for myself and yes I would not be human if I did not cry, because I did buckets, just like I did with Mr Greaves's passing. The only problem being a carer is our hearts get broken too, no matter how long, how short a time you work with someone, they say keep it professional and that you must not allow yourself to get close. How do you do that when you're working so closely with people? Plus it would be rude of me to turn round and say I'm sorry I have no time to talk now bye and trust me I've seen that happen before and I was not amused.

I know it's going to sound out there and call me weird if you want to, but have you ever heard this planet cry? I have I'm sensitive to my surroundings. If you ever get the chance or a chance go to the most baron place you can think of in your area of the world, away from the noises of modern life cars, people walking, talking, switch your phone off too. ignore the sound of the wind and really listen. You know when you hear it, because you'll start to cry too, it's a sound that is hard to explain and like I said before if you happen to be a sensitive person, to your surroundings, you'll hear it and you'll probably recognize it? It's a haunting sound that makes you cry too.   
Title: Re: Help needed with a Dad with Altzeimers.
Post by: perknh on February 17, 2020, 04:23:15 pm
Hi Kwales66,

Of course, as you probably already know, Peppermint can be be configured to be pretty much like Windows.  And, Mint, Cinnamon edition, has a Windows feel to it too.  Those things said, there is one Linux distribution that has taken great pains to imitate Windows and it's called Zorin OS (

Here I've linked a YouTube video about it, so you can see if it might be something you're interested in.  Below the video I'll share a few thoughts that may also be helpful for your Dad's situation..  You're on the ground there:  you'll know if they're good ideas or not for your Dad's situation. ;)

1)  When installing Peppermint, Mint, or Zorin, you'll be given the opportunity to login automatically.  If he's in an environment where he can avoid logging in at first boot, I'd suggest you install and set the computer to do so.  It will be one less ring for your Dad to jump through.

2)  Keep things simple in the panel.  If he uses Chrome or Firefox, just keep that Icon, or as few icons as possible, there.  Try to keep things simple.

3)  It's easy to get into mischief or feel frustated on the Web.  Using a couple of browser extensions to either Firefox or any Chromium-based browser, along with using a third-party DNS can help keep trouble and frustration to a minimum.  Ublock Origin has become pretty much a must these days.  One of its many virtues is that it blocks advertisements on YouTube.  Also, to be on the safer side of things, installing HTTPS Everywhere is still a pretty good idea -- at least in Firefox.  For free and protective DNS, OpenDNS Family Shield ( is tops!  Also, if you're in Europe, Yandex DNS Family ( works pretty well too -- though it's not as good as OpenDNS Family Shield.

My Dad currently uses Win10 but it confuses him. especially every big update. -- Kwales66

He's not alone there.  I'm pretty sure that's a normal response, Kwales66.  To put it mildly, Window's 10 can be a nightmare!


A note about B-12 for men.  This is new, raw-off-the-press, info for men who are considering supplementing with vitamin B-12:

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