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Title: Arandr starting at startup with multiple screens
Post by: clatterfordslim on January 31, 2020, 07:09:46 am
Ever wondered how to get all your screens booted in Peppermint? Well I have spent the afternoon trialing different solutions and made this tutorial for someone who asked in the forums.

Create a folder in hidden folders in your home directory pushing
Code: [Select]
Ctrl+H together will bring hidden folders up
Code: [Select]
Right Click empty space in home directory Left click Create New Foldercall it
Code: [Select]
.xsessionrcThe file you originally made in ARandr rename it to
Code: [Select]
xsession.shPop that
Code: [Select] into .xsessionrc folder you just created
Code: [Select]
Menu/Settings/Default applications for LXSession
When it opens left click
Code: [Select]
AutostartThen in the box next to Add type
Code: [Select]
.xsessionrc/ then left click addAfter pushing Add it should look like this.
Finally reboot or logout and it should setup your screens.  ;) Also switching off monitors does not reset them back to mirror mode, it stays with  :D This has been a pleasure to work on.