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Title: 3 Years of Support for Lubuntu (SOLVED)
Post by: perknh on August 30, 2014, 08:53:13 am
Fellow Pepperminters, I believe I understand this, but I just want to make sure I do.

We here at Peppermint will have 5 years of security support for our Peppermint 5 OS, meaning that our security updates will come from Ubuntu 14.04 to our Peppermint 5 OS for 5 years.

Now Lubuntu only claims to give its users 3 years of support for it 14.04 release.

Am I correct in assuming that Lubuntu 14.04 will actually be getting 5 years of security support too?   There just won't be any bug fixes after 3 years, but Lubuntu will still be getting security support for 5 years as we will be for Peppermint.

Am I right in understanding how this works?  ;)

Thank you,


Title: Re: 3 Years of Support for Lubuntu
Post by: PCNetSpec on August 30, 2014, 09:44:14 am
Yes you're right :)

Lubuntu are FULLY supporting their 14.04 release for 3 years .. but (besides the LXDE stuff) 98% of it is the same packages as Ubuntu (and from the same repos) which will receive updates for 5 years.

So if a security issue is found in underlying tech it wil be fixed for 5 years .. if a security issue was discovered in pcmanfm, it may not be.....

As far as updates goes, this also applies to Peppermint 5 (except for Peppermint specific packages) .. Peppermint 5 is only "officially" supported until Peppermint 6 .. so "we" won't necessarily fix any Peppermint specific issues in 5 beyond 6 .. but I've not seen that cause any issues previously as the Peppermint specific stuff is pretty solid by then.
(so though we can't "technically" call Peppermint an LTS, in effect it is .. as much as Lubuntu/Xubuntu are for the LXDE Xfce components, and Ubuntu for pretty much all the rest) .. and in any case I can't think of anything in the Peppermint specific repo that could cause a future "security" issue anyway ;)

Did that make sense ?
Title: Re: 3 Years of Support for Lubuntu
Post by: perknh on August 30, 2014, 03:54:39 pm
Yes, PCNetSpec, I think I get it.

With the exception of some bugs that will most likely be ironed out in either Lubuntu or Peppemint OSes within the next several months.  The kernel, which is the same in both Lubuntu and Peppermint, will be supported/patched/updated/upgraded for security for the next five years, or until April 2019.

Peripheral issues such as pacmanfm (Isn't that our file folder?) could potentially manifest security issues, and these possible, but unlikely, security issues may well not be addressed if they were ever to occur at all after April 2017 for Lubuntu, or after Peppermint 6's release.  But the chances of these types of issues occurring after these dates is very, very, remote because most, if not all of these bugs, will most likely have been discovered and ironed out by then.

So what we're saying here is that both Lubuntu and Peppermint with be theoretically 100% secure for some time.  For Lubuntu until April 2017, and for Peppermint 5 until Peppermint 6's release.  Then after April 2017, the kernel of Lubuntu with only receive security support until April 2019,  and the same for Peppermint 5 after Peppermint 6's release -- only security support for the kernel until 2019.  And this is 98% of what updating and upgrading is all about anyway when it comes to matters of importance, namely that of security.  So with the exception of some unforeseen event, both OSes, Lubuntu and Peppermint, will be essentially secure until 2019.  And most other, if not all, peripheral bugs including security bugs of LXDE specific issues will have been more likely resolved by then too.

How's that?  Am I still understanding how this process works?

Thank you,

Title: Re: 3 Years of Support for Lubuntu
Post by: PCNetSpec on August 30, 2014, 04:03:54 pm
Most if not all bugs or exploits are discovered in either the kernel or some underlying tech such as samba, X, ,ssh, ,etc .. and as they'll be receiving updates via Ubuntu until 2019.....

Lubuntu are saying they'll address ANY issues with 14.04 until 2017 .. but really, the chance of an issue with something not covered by Ubuntu is remote in the extreme .. so read into that what you will ;)gvfs-set-attribute -t string /home/mark/Dropbox metadata::custom-icon file:///usr/share/icons/Peppermix/places/96/folder-dropbox.png
Title: Re: 3 Years of Support for Lubuntu
Post by: perknh on August 30, 2014, 06:00:39 pm
Thank you, PCNetSpec,

Considering the fact my wife and I used Peppermint 4 for ages and had a nearly flawless experience with it, I'd say the odds are very much in our favor that things will go as well for us now with both Lubuntu 14.04 and Peppermint 5 -- especially since, unlike Peppermint 4, these OSes are also supported.

And now I've just learned Ubuntu updates and supports more than just the kernel, but updates and supports also "samba, X, ,ssh, ,etc .." until 2019.

PCNetSpec, I don't think it can get much better than this!    :)

Thank you,

Title: Re: 3 Years of Support for Lubuntu (SOLVED)
Post by: PCNetSpec on August 30, 2014, 06:14:44 pm
Well Ubuntu don't actually "themselves" support things like samba / X / ssh / etc. .. they're all done by their own developers, but If a security patch is released upstream for any of those, Ubuntu will make sure it's packaged properly and added to the repos as an automatic update, and that any updated packages will integrate properly with the Ubuntu base.