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Title: Welcome to the User Submitted Tutorials board!
Post by: kendall on March 12, 2014, 01:51:20 pm
Hello and welcome!

The purpose of this board is for users of Peppermint to post tutorials related to the operation of Peppermint and other Linux distributions. Tutorials can range in topic and complexity from how to better use this forum, to how to compile a kernel, to how to deploy a particular web application on a remote server. We do, however, have a few guidelines that we'd like for everyone to follow in order to maintain some general level of standardization.

To those perusing this board in search of tutorials on how to accomplish something, do note that Peppermint offers no guarantee whatsoever that the tutorials posted here are fit for a particular use and offer no express or implied warranty. We will occasionally go through some of these tutorials and move/repost some of them in the Official Tutorials board should they meet our qualifications.

Thank you.