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Title: pwmconfig - not all pwm recognized
Post by: Meridian on September 05, 2019, 11:19:24 am

after getting 'sensors' to work properly ; displaying voltages fan-speeds and temperatures , now the fan-speeds should be regulated depending on temperatures.

The output of sensors: (only to see on which devices the pwms should be located on)
bk@WUERM ~ $ sensors
Adapter: SMBus I801 adapter at e800
in0:          +1.42 V  (min =  +1.14 V, max =  +1.55 V)
in1:          +1.76 V  (min =  +1.14 V, max =  +1.55 V)
in2:          +3.26 V  (min =  +2.96 V, max =  +3.63 V)
in3:          +2.91 V  (min =  +2.67 V, max =  +3.28 V)
in4:          +3.17 V  (min =  +2.51 V, max =  +3.79 V)
in5:          +0.62 V  (min =  +0.08 V, max =  +1.02 V)
in6:          +3.58 V  (min =  +0.54 V, max =  +1.17 V)
fan1:        3214 RPM  (min = 2732 RPM, div = 2)
fan2:        2732 RPM  (min = 2689 RPM, div = 2)
fan3:        3750 RPM  (min = 6428 RPM, div = 2)
temp1:        +28.0°C  (high = +29.0°C, hyst =  -5.0°C)
temp2:        +36.0°C  (high = +100.0°C, hyst = +90.0°C)
temp3:         -0.5°C  (high = +122.0°C, hyst = +121.0°C)
cpu0_vid:    +1.500 V
beep_enable: enabled

Adapter: PCI adapter
temp1:        +31.0°C  (high = +95.0°C, hyst =  +3.0°C)
                       (crit = +130.0°C, hyst = +10.0°C)
                       (emerg = +135.0°C, hyst =  +5.0°C)


bk@WUERM ~ $ sudo pwmconfig
[sudo] Passwort für bk:
# pwmconfig revision 6243 (2014-03-20)
This program will search your sensors for pulse width modulation (pwm)
controls, and test each one to see if it controls a fan on
your motherboard. Note that many motherboards do not have pwm
circuitry installed, even if your sensor chip supports pwm.

We will attempt to briefly stop each fan using the pwm controls.
The program will attempt to restore each fan to full speed
after testing. However, it is ** very important ** that you
physically verify that the fans have been to full speed
after the program has completed.

Found the following devices:
   hwmon0/device is as99127f
   hwmon1 is nouveau

Found the following PWM controls:
   hwmon1/pwm1           current value: 1
hwmon1/pwm1 is currently setup for automatic speed control.
In general, automatic mode is preferred over manual mode, as
it is more efficient and it reacts faster. Are you sure that
you want to setup this output for manual control? (n) y

Giving the fans some time to reach full speed...
Found the following fan sensors:
   hwmon0/device/fan1_input     current speed: 3292 RPM
   hwmon0/device/fan2_input     current speed: 2743 RPM
   hwmon0/device/fan3_input     current speed: 3750 RPM

Warning!!! This program will stop your fans, one at a time,
for approximately 5 seconds each!!!
This may cause your processor temperature to rise!!!
If you do not want to do this hit control-C now!!!
Hit return to continue:

Testing pwm control hwmon1/pwm1 ...
  hwmon0/device/fan1_input ... speed was 3292 now 3292
    no correlation
  hwmon0/device/fan2_input ... speed was 2743 now 2755
    no correlation
  hwmon0/device/fan3_input ... speed was 3750 now 3857
    no correlation

No correlations were detected.
There is either no fan connected to the output of hwmon1/pwm1,
or the connected fan has no rpm-signal connected to one of
the tested fan sensors. (Note: not all motherboards have
the pwm outputs connected to the fan connectors,
check out the hardware database on

Did you see/hear a fan stopping during the above test (n)? n

Testing is complete.
Please verify that all fans have returned to their normal speed.

The fancontrol script can automatically respond to temperature changes
of your system by changing fanspeeds.
Do you want to set up its configuration file now (y)? n
Why is  pwm control hwmon1/pwm1 ... tested and not hwmon0 ?
My motherboard (Asus P4T-E) has 2 Fan-PWMs. One for the the CPU-Fan and another that regulates 2 other Fans. (Speedfan installed on W2K)

Greetings B.Kochs

Title: Re: pwmconfig - not all pwm recognized
Post by: Slim.Fatz on September 06, 2019, 01:02:29 am
Hi Meridian,

I'm sorry that I cannot help you with your issue, but I suggest that you might get quicker, more helpful advice by either contacting your motherboard manufacturer or the sensor package maintainers/programmers. Which (sensors) package(s) are you using? The GNOME Sensors Applet? Lm-sensors? Fancontrol? Or something different?

Whichever it happens to be, these components are not developed or modified by the Peppermint team, which is the reason I suggest going to the source to try to get expert help. But perhaps someone around here has some experience with your issue and can provide sone useful advice for you.


-- Slim