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Title: On Dat Diskless NAS
Post by: VinDSL on July 20, 2019, 12:10:13 pm
Pursuit to this convo:,4890.msg57629.html#msg57629

What happened with the recent uptick in pricing for the Netgear ReadNAS RN212  :-\

Did they quit making them? Did they become a rare and highly desirable classic?  I don't get it...

Recent screen capture taken from Slavelandia (


Title: Re: On Dat Diskless NAS
Post by: PCNetSpec on July 20, 2019, 02:30:46 pm
No idea, I've been looking for quite some time for another NAS (probably a 4 bay), and yep prices are headed in the wrong direction :-\

And not just ReadyNAS.

Odd innit  ???

I don't mind paying a fair price, but when they're more expensive than a PC that makes no sense to me and i just feel ripped off .. it's getting to the point where something like an HP mini sever would be a better prospect financially.


I've been looking at the possibility of a single board computer with 4 SATA connections and making my own .. sommat along the lines of:
I'm not that sure it'd save that much in the long run .. might be interesting though.

Or maybe building sommat mini-ITX