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Title: Dell Latitude 6430 - Speakers
Post by: Bigoeuf on August 01, 2018, 07:30:13 am
Good Afternoon
I bought one of these laptops off Fleabay after seeing VinDSL's post:,4890.0.html (,4890.0.html)

and doing further research.

 These are the specs along with initial thoughts & issues:,4890.msg58268.html#msg58268 (,4890.msg58268.html#msg58268)

Since then I have rectified these initial issues by replacing the hard drive with HGST 1TB 7200rpm HDD (even though the WD 750GB HDD it came with seemed to work fine I was constantly worried it may fail & the clicking, though intermittent was annoying), I replaced the battery with a better second-hand one that lasts over twice as long & I swapped the standard keyboard for a backlit one along with upgrading the Wi-Fi card to a  ac-7260 (although there is no discernable difference because of my crappy router - but or less than a tenner off the ever ubiquitous Fleabay - cant complain  ;) ) as again per VinDSL's recommendations - cheers - and so it is now, spectre issues aside, a fine functioning machine with Pepp 8 (soon to be Pepp 9) on :)

However. as I posted here:,6106.msg61921.html#msg61921 (,6106.msg61921.html#msg61921)

My speakers are garbage & I mean garbage. As I say in my post there is lots of reverb & distortion & although I have tweaked with the Pulse Audio Equaliser
I cannot get a satisfactory sound. I also neglected to say that these are my second set of replacements (bought again off Fleabay), the first replacements were duff (not working at all) & these second set are pretty much the same as the originals.  :( Its also a right royal PITA to fit them as the whole laptop has to be virtually stripped down, motherboard out the lot  ::)

Headphones, via the jack, are good &, although I haven't got any, I therefore presume exterior speakers would be too (don't know about Bluetooth though as haven't got any of those either)
So either I am unlucky with my second-hand purchases or there is something amiss with the speaker output from the sound card.
From other postings around the net, including VinDSL's in this forum, I know they should be much better than I am experiencing - so has anybody got any ideas/experience regarding this & how I might might go about testing for possible problems & hopefully get a satisfactory resolution?  :)
Title: Re: Dell Latitude 6430 - Speakers
Post by: PCNetSpec on August 01, 2018, 07:58:06 am
is audio naff from a liveusb ?
Title: Re: Dell Latitude 6430 - Speakers
Post by: Bigoeuf on August 01, 2018, 08:31:47 am
Yep & from the other Linux OS (Void) that I have installed too  :( .
I also tested headphones from the jack with both & the sound was good - dare I say even excellent  :)
So I would say it's definitely hardware related - specifically to the speakers - so I really need to 'test' in that area because the soundcard (I presume) is not the issue  ???
Title: Re: Dell Latitude 6430 - Speakers
Post by: PCNetSpec on August 01, 2018, 11:09:48 am
Maybe you need to replace the "media board" daughterboard .. you can get em for around £8 on ebay

But be aware, according to this:
there are 2 types for the E6430 depending on the graphics solution (probably means intel only or intel/nvidia optimus).
Title: Re: Dell Latitude 6430 - Speakers
Post by: Bigoeuf on August 01, 2018, 06:42:00 pm
Cheers for digging that out Mark because I certainly had never seen it - perhaps I was barking up the wrong tree by putting in poor & distorted speaker output  ???
Prompted by your lead Mark I did a bit more rooting around & although I couldn't find an exact match for my circumstances it would seem a definite possibility that the issue in the link you gave could be the problem & to cut a long story short (as Spandau Ballet once said) I'm gonna get a replacement IO Daughter Board off Fleabay  ;)
Fingers crossed its OK & its that that's the problem - cos it entails stripping the lappy right down - again  ::)

Title: Re: Dell Latitude 6430 - Speakers
Post by: Bigoeuf on August 30, 2018, 04:19:32 am
Just an update (if anyone's interested lol  ;D )

So as per:

I'm gonna get a replacement IO Daughter Board off Fleabay

I did indeed (only cost a little more 'cos mine got an additional Nvidia graphics chip but still only £11 - delivered & its brand new  ;) )

Did the 'deed' last Saturday when it chucked it down all day & Ta-Darrr!   - no change speakers still the same  :(

Everything else seems to work on the new IO Daughter Board just the same as the one I replaced it with, including the headphone jack which produces good sound too.

Well I guess regarding the speakers:

So either I am unlucky with my second-hand purchases....

So as they said in the old 'Topic' adverts - 'Try again Toby' so I'll buy another set & hopefully that will sort it. The problem is without a 'guaranteed' working set I'm just taking pot luck with fingers  crossed. So 'Once more into the breach...' (quotes ey? - I'm full of 'em lol  :D )

Off topic I know - but loosely connected  ;) had a result with the old banger (Inspiron 1501) though - got pretty much the top CPU that my board will work with - yes the mighty AMD Turion 64 x 2 TL 60 2.00 ghz (TMDTL60HAX5CT) - an upgrade of 0.4 ghz plus double the L2 cache - fitted it last week - small but noticeable upgrade in performance all for the princely sum of £2.49 delivered - happy bunny  :)  which is just as well as this is still my 'daily driver' 'cos of the speaker issue & the CPU isn't susceptible to the ongoing spectre issues (according to the spectre-meltdown-checker anyway). However it is still on P7 - because of the 4.4 kernel anything above that & it fails to shutdown nothing wrong with P7 at all - I'm very content with it but support won't go on forever (2020??) - may have to learn to compile my own kernel  :o you'll have to standby on here if I do lol  :D
Title: Re: Dell Latitude 6430 - Speakers
Post by: TonyBronze on August 30, 2018, 04:59:06 am
I am sitting here at the moment typing this on a Inspiron 1501 which I upgraded to a TL60 a while ago.  Also upgraded to 4 gb of ram.  They are solid old laptops and this one doubles up as a music server so is left running most of the day.  Presently running Peppermint 8 with the 4.4.0 -131 kernel.  Had to uninstall the newer kernels because of same problem with shutting down and it didn't run so good.

Be careful that it doesn't overheat with the TL60.  Mine has done but  I have installed indicator-cpufreq which I keep set to on demand most of the time which helps it to run cooler.
Title: Re: Dell Latitude 6430 - Speakers
Post by: Bigoeuf on August 30, 2018, 06:30:12 am
Blimey funny you should mention that - I haven't had any overheating problems yet but I was well aware that the replacement CPU went from 31w (the previous TL-50) to 35w. I bought some half decent thermal paste Arctic MX-4 instead of the distinctly average Startech stuff I had been using.
I also made up a little launcher to call:

Code: [Select]
watch -n 1 sensors
It dynamically monitors the sensors in my case  just the CPU.

I periodically look at my CPU temp as & when - here it is (not rocket science its exactly as seen) & when called, via the thermometer icon next to the volume icon in the tray, the terminal output :


Yes upgraded the RAM to 2gig & now 4gig some time ago (original was 516mb & the CPU was MK-36 single core 2.0ghz - always struggling)
Smashing little battle bus & in a few ways I prefer it to the E6430 - speakers obviously (hopefully to be remedied) bigger screen & tuff as old boots  :P
Its got problems though - the graphics struggle a bit & the battery doesn't charge & the Ethernet port isn't working either (both require the soldering iron if & when I get round to it)