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Title: No login to Desktop from Greeter - Blank Screen - Hanging???
Post by: Bigoeuf on May 20, 2018, 04:10:43 pm

Have had an issue whereby when I login to Pepp OS 8 on my laptop it will sometimes logs me into a blank screen (no Desktop), & hangs there with various repeated messages about kworker not loading different modules. I can login to a tty but when I try to
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poweroff  it wont shutdown & I have to hard shutdown.
 This problem has only happened over the last week & doesn't occur all the time but is becoming more frequent.

Here's my inxi -Fz:
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As you can see I have dual graphics cards however no propriety drivers are installed (although optimus is enabled in the BIOS)

Another peculiarity about my install is that I somehow managed to install my Pepp partition (sda5 as a logical partition wholly within an extended partition sda1 - which is also the boot partition)  :-X