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Title: Light locker question
Post by: stew1411 on July 08, 2017, 10:38:24 pm
So I've decided to use light locker instead of lxlock. When I was using lxlock, it would lock instantly. Now that I'm using light locker, when I press my key combo,
 nothing happens for about 5 seconds, then the screen goes black for about 15 seconds, then locks. I like light locker because the lock screen looks just like the logon screen. This timeout isn't a deal breaker, just wondering why it takes longer than lxlock.


Nevermind, sort of. When I hit the key combo it does take it 5 seconds to go to the black scren, however, it stays black until I move the mouse. So I guess what was happening was after 15 seconds I started to move the mouse out of impatience. I figured it out after actually counting and around 30 seconds shook the mouse out of frustration. It does still go to a black screen, but for like 2 seconds, then I can move my mouse.