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Title: Peppermint mentioned briefly in contrast to Arch in InfoWorld
Post by: perknh on November 06, 2016, 12:10:11 am
ď...To popularise Linux what we donít need is elitist nonsense putting barriers in the way of those trying to flee Windows.

After several bad experiences (sound not working, video not working etc ) I refused to look at Linux until a friend bullied me into trying Peppermint Linux. Itís not perfect but is simple to install and usually stuff, including WiFi, works without having to hunt for drivers.

For the first time, I have been recommending Linux, if only on netbooks too slow for XP, as it is fine for web browsing and emailing.Ē --Fihart

This may not be the most exciting comment about Peppermint, but it's generally positive and relatively recent.  The entire article, from which I found this quotation, entitled Arch Linux: The last refuge for purists?, written by Jim Lynch ( for InfoWorld (, can be found here (