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Title: Orion Tiger
Post by: Nick on December 13, 2015, 03:09:06 pm
This is a new GTK2/3 theme I'm working on, called Orion Tiger. Although I like dark themes, I just cannot use them when I'm working. Too many archives and windows/programs open means that I need to see everything instantly, so this one is a light theme. So, it begins...

First we have the desktop. I didn't put much time into this, as I rarely see it. Lightened version of default Peppermint 6 wallpaper (fine on LCD, but too dark on CRT). Simple, informational Conky script that I wrote. The taskbar just uses one of my images and although you can't see it, there's a small hover-over xfce Panel in the top right corner (I'll come back to that later) -

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Now we have Orion Tiger itself. The upper program in this pic is PCManFM which uses GTK2 and hopefully you can see that I've put as much effort into that side as I have on the more recent GTK3. If you look closely, you'll see I've used the old Peppermint Orta coding for the tabs there, just because I liked them.

The lower program is Nemo (uses GTK3) and I have actually put a gradient across the Menubar and Nav Bar. Modern trends are for much more subtle gradients than of old, so that's what I've done there. Before I forget, I've used a dark style for menus and tooltips on this theme.

The icon set used is Mint-Box Tiger. The Mint Box icon theme, although incomplete, has some great and subtly shaded folder icons, toolbar icons and other icons. So, I just filled in the gaps with the Mint-X set. In the smaller sizes (as used here) they look OK, but generally the Mint-X icons, esp the folder icons and toolbar buttons are too harsh and stark.

All in all, Mint-Box Tiger worked out OK, as small generic icons can tend to fuzziness, but here, the starkness of the Mint-X ones means they hold their sharpness/defintion well. -

( (

This next one is just me fixing up an old Conky script I found. Didn't actually work when I found it, but is what you'll get if you point stuff to non-existent files. :) Easily fixed up and looks OK, but uses 8% CPU to do that and, as mentioned, I don't see the desktop much (this is where that xfce Panel comes in) So, that was the end of my Conky stuff.

You can also see the Cardapio Panel (also themed by Orion Tiger) I don't want to off-topic onto that, but suffice to say, everything you see on that Cardapio Panel works and persists through reboots. Poor old Cardapio is pretty buggy these days, but still holding on. Btw, don't enable its titlebar! It may look good, but will leave you in a world of pain if you touch the window controls on it. -

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These next two are just showing the theme I did for SMPlayer. They seem to use a different definition of theme than I use and their 'themes' are just different icon sets. Now it has a theme. It's in a different style to the rest of Orion Tiger, but I feel media players should be more 'jazzy' looking than other programs.

Just a technical note, the first shot shows a 'spin and turn' gradient technique on the top toolbars - the Menubar just uses an inverted version of the gradient used on the ? F5 toolbar and the effect joins them together, instead of having two 'ribby looking' toolbars. I actually use SM as you see in the second shot, but still wanted to do a proper job there. Just looked up the icon set there and apparently it's blackPanther-Real.

Before I forget, if you're doing your own theme, you'll need this -     sudo ln -s ~/.themes /root/.themes

....otherwise you will not be able to theme Root Access programs, like Synaptic, that only look to Root to find their theming style.   

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Finally, we have the xfce Panel, which is how I get to see the weather, no matter how many programs are around, as it opens on top of everything. Mouse in on top right and CPU, Weather, Min to Desktop and Gedit launcher appears.

Pic show weather tooltip which, I'm told, uses the SuperKaramba icon set. Personally, I think they are from the far earlier Samurize stuff. Either way, they look good and if you click you get a full page 6 day forecast in 6 hour steps with icons and full details.

Good plugin, that one. -
( (

So, that's it. Hope you enjoyed it, all work in progress, etc.

Nick :)
Title: Re: Orion Tiger
Post by: PCNetSpec on December 13, 2015, 04:00:16 pm
Nick, use imgur, not postimage .. your images aren't displaying
Title: Re: Orion Tiger
Post by: AndyInMokum on December 13, 2015, 04:39:41 pm
Hi nick, how's it going  8)?  Here's some instructions on how to use  Imgur: ( and (  Upload your image(s) to these sites.  These are great sites to make SSBs with the Ice tool for use in the future  ;).  You'll find links to your images already formatted for different uses.  For Imgur, choose the one for BBCode (message boards & forums).  For, choose the one for Thumbnail for Forums (1) or for full size: Hotlink for Forums (1) and copy the links.  Paste them into the forum editor.  You do not need to encapsulate these links or modify them.  I suggest you have a play around to familiarise yourself with the sites's functions.  Use the Preview button in the forum editor to check how they look.  That's it - have fun  ;D.
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Post by: scifidude79 on December 13, 2015, 07:59:40 pm
Nick, use imgur, not postimage .. your images aren't displaying

They're displaying for me.  Maybe it's a region thing.
Title: Re: Orion Tiger
Post by: GNULINUX on December 14, 2015, 12:56:08 am
Looking very good!  8)

PS: Images displaying ok here...
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Post by: PCNetSpec on December 14, 2015, 06:53:56 am
My mistake, it's privacy badger that's blocking images from postimage.