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Title: Linux Gaming (continued discussion)
Post by: scifidude79 on September 07, 2015, 11:09:52 am
OK, this is a continued discussion from this (,2257.0.html) thread, which really isn't the proper place to be having this discussion.  Unfortunately, I got a bit carried away in the discussion and didn't realize sooner that we should have split off into our own thread, rather than continuing to hijack that one.

:D Playstation 2 is a great console, really. I heard it can also be made into a probable computer using a Linux CD (by Sony), keyboard and mouse. It suffered a lens problem and it's still there inside my closet.

I have finished playing San Andreas till the last mission and I loved it. The story, the characters, the humour, I loved em all. some missions were too hard, so I had to use cheat codes for help :P

My tablet came pre rooted as it was from a cheap local brand. However the stock ROM had bugs like wrong battery info, no GPU support for games, awful UI). So I installed a custom ROM. and I tried on installing custom ROMs until one day, it took its last breath and stopped turning on. Then I gave it to a repair guy who made me a good offer for it. he gave me a pre owned repaired PS2 console in exchange for my bricked android tablet. seemed like a good offer, so I took it. the PS2 worked good until it's lens got damaged. it wasn't modded either. :(

Kindle uses a customized version of android right? and perhaps uses their own app store (amazon). I have always dreamt of buying a device with stock android (as offered by Google). but nexus devices are don't fit my budget and local brands don't fit my satisfaction. Motorola uses stock android. I'm thinking of getting a Motorola after I am done with my Xperia :D

I didn't know you could do that with a PS2.  You used to be able to install Ubuntu on a PS3, but Sony stopped supporting that feature.  Still, if you can get a disc for it, it can still be done.  The console will just be "banned" from the Sony Online service.  Similarly, there is a way to install Ubuntu on an XBOX 360 (kind of like giving M$ the finger ;) ) but it will also get the console banned from XBOX Live.  But, it's an interesting idea that you can turn gaming consoles into regular computers.  I think there was someone on the old forum who had built a Peppermint machine using the case from an original Nintendo.  Of course, the innards were different, but that's to be expected as a computer from 1985 is nowhere near up to snuff for running a modern OS.  I also saw once where a college (I think) took a few hundred PS3 consoles, put Ubuntu on them and linked them together to make a supercomputer.  It was awesome.

I like and don't like the GTA games.  I'm not overly fond of the missions and story as much as I am just running around doing whatever.  I used to have a GTA:SA save where I had gotten to the second city but, alas, that was on Windows and even on a different computer.  I've not played the PS2 version that far.  I do have all three islands unlocked on GTA3 and all of the ones on VC, but those are easier to do as you don't have to do *all* of the missions.  You can actually skip some and still unlock all play areas.  I hate how those games lock parts of the map and, starting with SA, you have to do every single mission (including dancing and racing ::) ) in an area before moving on.  I hate that.  I have the second big island unlocked on GTA4 on the XBOX 360, but I haven't played any missions in that area yet.  Fortunately, there's no dancing or racing that you have to do in that one.

Exchanging a bricked tablet for a PS2 is always a good deal.  I no longer have my original (big) PS2, but I have a slim one I bought used several years ago.  Great investment.  I like how the drive bay opens by opening a door, there are no drive gears to strip.  When I was in the Army, we had three different PS2s over in Afghanistan.  The sand kept getting into them and they stopped working.  We eventually wound up cannibalizing all three of them to make one that worked.  I wonder if the slim version, which wasn't out then, would have had those issues.  I don't think it has a fan like the big one did, but I could be wrong.
Title: Re: Linux Gaming (continued discussion)
Post by: sskarma on September 07, 2015, 12:39:30 pm
Here it is. Linux for Playstation 2 released in 2002. it was a good idea but Sony discontinued it. (

I think people with old consoles will feel relieved because they can use their consoles as computers. Gaming is evolving year by year. They don't make games for PS2 anymore and perhaps, will stop that for PS3 in a few years. Playstations are backward compatible, so newer Playstations can run older games too. the prices have now dropped for many PS2 titles.

those dancing missions were painful in the beginning but I started enjoying them. I took days to pass that car dancing mission. and about the car races, I used to type the "cars fly" cheat which made all cars fly away. and then I slowly moved towards the end line (if I move fast, I'll get flown away too) :P There is a character in GTA SA which links it to GTA III. even though SA came after III, but it is actually set in 1992 (around 9 years before the events of GTA III).  I wouldn't tell you the name of the character because it will be like a spoiler :D according to most gamers, GTA SA was the best game of the series until now. There was a rumor about the release of a HD ENHANCED edition of San Andreas,  but it never came out. :(

my PS2 Is a PS2 slim. it's small and thinner than the bigger PS2. the lens is highly sensitive. Mishandling or dust can damage it easily. perhaps that's what happened with mine. I was trying to clean off the lens with colin and then it stopped reading my DVDs. (I got 3 original DVDs free too).
I was planning to buy a PS4 but after doing some "console vs PC" reading on the Web, I'm thinking of using the money to build a gaming PC instead. PS4 games Cost a lot and there's no chance of Piracy (lol) and mods. :P However everything is possible on a PC. :D ;D Some of my gamer friends still use Windows XP to play games on their computers. according to them, XP is the best OS for gaming ever.
Title: Re: Linux Gaming (continued discussion)
Post by: scifidude79 on September 07, 2015, 05:40:17 pm
Well, I certainly wasn't doubting that the PS2 could do Linux, I just said I never heard of that.

Nobody who is smart throws away a PS2, because only certain PS3s are compatible with PS2 games.  It was only two or three models of the first line they did and none of the smaller version, I think.  I don't really know, as I don't have a PS3.  But, I know not all were backward compatible with PS2 games.  However, the PS2, PS3 and probably PS4 are backward compatible with PS1 games, so you really don't need a PS1 anymore.  (I still have one, though)

The XBOX backward compatibility is similar, though any XBOX 360 with a hard drive can play original XBOX games, not just certain models.  You only need the HD to store something for that feature, I think.  Though, a 360 without a HD sucks anyway, so I don't even know why anybody would want one of those.  Mine has a 60GB HD.  Though, there is still a catch to even the 360's backwards compatibility.  Not all games are compatible with it and some don't run well with it (much like backward compatibility in Windows. :)) )  This reason above all is why I still have an original XBOX.  I can play games like Halo 2, which never got an HD upgrade on the 360, only on the XBOX One and only if you bought the entire Halo collection.  Well, that's a crock as I don't have (or want) an XBOX One and I already have Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 3 and Halo Reach for the 360.  I'm not buying all of those again and an XBOX One just to have Halo 2 redone in HD.  But, that's Microsoft for you.  Also, it's good to keep an original XBOX around for fun stuff like the original Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and some other games I love from that era.  Though I don't love Windows, I still love me some XBOX.  :)

If I ever get another console, it will probably be a PS4.  Though, I can't afford that right now.  I was looking at the upcoming Steam Machines, but those need to drop in price a lot for me to consider them.  I'll build a gaming PC in a media case and hook it up to the TV before I'll buy one of those.
Title: Re: Linux Gaming (continued discussion)
Post by: sskarma on September 07, 2015, 06:31:34 pm
And there are a lot of games for PS2 which were not even released for PC. For example, the God of War games. I received a free DVD of GOW2 with my console. i tried to find it's PC version after my console broke, but could only find a ported PC version and it sucked  :-[ I miss the no lag, smooth gameplay on PS2 and the vibrating joysticks. Gaming on computeris fun as well but I have seen that even some high spec PCs fail to render certain games well. like this buddy of mine has got a heavy computer and it's a water-cooled one(because it gets extremely hot). It plays "GTA V", "Watch dogs" and other high graphic PS4 quality games but fails to run "Mafia 2". perhaps its a GPU compatibilty issue or windows XP problem.  That's perhaps not an issues with consoles. Most games are originally made for consoles and they run those games like charm.  8) I just don't like the high prices of consoles though. PS2 still costs around 120 US dollars in the markets here. that's too much for a console which plays old generation games. most middle class people can spend on a gaming-only device if it costs much lesser than that. PS4 costs a lot too. not to mention all those original gaming DVDs which cost so much.

windows has a compatibility option to run certain older apps but it doesn't work evey time. like Windows 7 cannot display some XP-era games in widescreen. The compatibilty option doesn't work. :( I loved "Halo "2 especially the cute aliens  :P and the gun which displays how much ammo is left. "Halo" franchisee  is by microsoft right? They only release their games for windows and XBOX. I played a game called "UNVANQUISHED" on PC which is an independent and free game. It's like Halo where you gotta kill some aliens. but it doesnt have a story. it's a multiplayer game. if there are no other players, you can create bots.

Make sure you get a water-cooled PC  :D it'd probably get extremely hot after playing heavy games and the fan wouldn't be able to lower the temperature. I know some guys who game on older PCs and they have overclocked their CPUs.
Title: Re: Linux Gaming (continued discussion)
Post by: scifidude79 on September 07, 2015, 11:32:47 pm
Well, there are a lot of games for any system that are only available for that system.  Otherwise, there would be no need to have 3 major console manufacturers (and a few minor ones) and PC game makers, right?  Everybody would just use the same thing.  ;)  But, yes, there are a LOT of games for the PS2. Some are PS2 only.  Plus, I like to keep my PS2 around not only for the PS2 games but for the PS1 games also.  Though, going back to the beginning of video gaming, I'm sure there are way more PC games that were never released for any of the consoles than there are games that were released for console only.  And, you can probably combine all of the consoles and that will still be true.  There are more computer games released in a year than there are games for consoles.

Most of the time, console games work as intended on the console, unless they're made by a 3rd party who did a bad job of making it work on that system or it's a bad port.  I have a game for the PS2 where the cut scenes run like crap.  Though, admittedly, the game sucks anyway, but that's not the point.  If it had been properly ported to the PS2, it would work fine.  It's from 2009, which was right around when they stopped releasing games for the PS2, but that's no excuse.  But, the vast majority of console games do run on the system(s) they're released for.  But, I still like gaming on my computer.  It's fun.  But, I mostly know how to choose games that will work with my computer, unless the maker does a bad Linux port or something.  Then you have to wait for them to fix it.  ::)

Windows compatibility sucks.  Some stuff will work, other stuff won't, even with compatibility settings.  That was what I meant.  Games that were never designed to work in widescreen won't work in widescreen without a graphics upgrade.  But, if you have a decent GPU, it will automatically put black bars on the side and you'll be fine.  ;)

And, yes, Halo is from Microsoft's Game Studios and Bungee and later 343 Game Studios.  Microsoft actually does make a pretty decent game, I have quite a few of their games for XBOX, XBOX 360 and even PC.  And, oddly, Microsoft games seem to work fine in Wine, more so than some other studios' games.  Maybe it's because Wine is already designed to emulate Microsoft software.

As for water cooled PC, meh.  I'm an avid PC gamer and I do 3D CGI and I've never needed water cooling.  In fact, my main desktop's processor has a stock cooler on it.  It works fine.  Though, I also don't overclock.  I also have an 8-core processor that only the aforementioned 3D CGI and a few other things can push to its limits.  ;)
Title: Re: Linux Gaming (continued discussion)
Post by: sskarma on September 08, 2015, 01:30:39 am
Yes you're right. there are more PC games then there are games for consoles. and independent game makers too, make games for PC most of the time. I buy a gaming magazine which comes with a free DVD containing game demos, trailers and free indie games. though lagging behind in graphic quality, they have a good story and pretty decent gameplay. I was viewing some articles on the Web which said how console sells have been falling. more and more gamers are switching to PC gaming. consoles have limitations. a PS3 owner will have to buy a PS4 to play PS4 titles. the PC owner has to just invest some money on the hardware. the first is replacing, the second is upgrading. upgrading is more economical than replacing :P


about the graphic quality, I think the PC gamer has more options to tweak a game's visual settings. and he can also change the game's resolution and graphic settings from ultra to low depending on his hardware. :)


I don't think wide-screen problem in older games is a graphics issue because the same machine rendered games like "AGE OF EMPIRES 2" in wide-screen but a half cut screen in Windows 7. besides the visuals in the game got affected. the water and the grass got filled with red and white dots :( Users have to download a patch to rectify this problem. Windows is backward compatible but sometimes it has its own issues ;D Microsoft then released the HD version of Age of Empires 2 in 2013. it corrected all colour issues and wide-screen problems permanently.

and Microsoft does make quality games. Age of Empires 2 and 3 are my favourite strategy games. Then there was "gears of war". :)

Perhaps your CPU is on a heat sink which keeps it cool. I think any temperature below 40 degrees keeps it safe. overclocking raises the temperature and also degrades the CPU's life. :) BTW this is the world's most expensive computer right now and it's fully water cooled ;D


Title: Re: Linux Gaming (continued discussion)
Post by: scifidude79 on September 08, 2015, 08:49:53 am
Of course you can get better graphics on a PC.  You can completely customize it and buy the latest graphics cards every 2 years or so and stay way ahead of consoles.  A console will be locked with whatever it has for life, which was outdated by the time it was released.  That's one thing people are griping about with the upcoming Steam machines.  They're built more like consoles and some won't let you upgrade your graphics.  (my answer is: quit whining and just don't buy one ;) )  Another thing that used to make a difference was the TV, as old picture tubes can't get the resolutions that PC monitors can, but HDTVs take care of that.

The widescreen thing really depends on the game.  I installed a game from the Windows 95 era recently that allowed me to select 1600 x 900 as a resolution.  However, I have games from 10 years ago that won't go over 1024 x 768.  Age of Empires II may have been programmed for higher resolutions, despite its age, other Microsoft games are.  Halo: Combat Evolved for PC was released in 2003 and I used to play it in 1600 x 900.  I'm attempting to get Age of Empires II working with Wine right now, I'll see what resolutions are available when I do.  Right now, I can't get it to launch.   :(

Another thing that can make a difference as to what resolutions are available is your graphics card.  Different cards will behave differently with games.

My CPU has the stock AMD heatsink & fan that came with it.  That's all I've ever used for it since I installed it.  It runs well within temperature limits.  Granted, if I'm doing a CGI render, the fan gets really loud, but the processor stays cool enough.  I also have three case fans in my computer.
Title: Re: Linux Gaming (continued discussion)
Post by: sskarma on September 08, 2015, 10:19:57 am
some graphics cards are so expensive. i was once searching for graphics cards on a shopping site and there was one which was even more expensive than PS4  :o  :-\ Perhaps it will not get oudated for the next 10 years. playing on TV is fun actually especialy with a good sound system. Do modern computers come with a HDMI port like in laptops? PS2 can also be connected to a TVs HDMI port using some cables which you can easily find online. the AV wire that comes with the package is okay with picture tube TVs but not quite okay with HD Tvs.

can you run some patches on wine? I installed a patch in GTA San andreas and it made the graphics quality a little better. I dont know how it did that but perhaps increased the draw distance and made the shadows darker and longer. You can see if there is some patch to fix AOE2 launching issue. Else you can get AOE3 which has much better HD-like graphics and a lot of civilizations to choose from. my favorites are the Native American ones (from the war-chiefs expansion). The other expansion Asian dynasties was pretty good too, but they made the Japanese civilization  almost invincible :)  8) .

well then you dont need to worry about heating at all :) I dont need to, as well because my CPU is so slow  :P
Title: Re: Linux Gaming (continued discussion)
Post by: scifidude79 on September 08, 2015, 10:52:33 am
some graphics cards are so expensive. i was once searching for graphics cards on a shopping site and there was one which was even more expensive than PS4  :o  :-\ Perhaps it will not get oudated for the next 10 years.

Yes, indeed.  That's why I'm still rocking a card from 2010.  And, it wasn't exactly new then either,  paid less than $70 for it.  "Legacy" driver or not, it's a good card and I'll change it when it starts failing.  A top of the line card today should keep you going for many years to come, so it should be a solid investment for people who have that kind of cash to throw around.

playing on TV is fun actually especialy with a good sound system. Do modern computers come with a HDMI port like in laptops? PS2 can also be connected to a TVs HDMI port using some cables which you can easily find online. the AV wire that comes with the package is okay with picture tube TVs but not quite okay with HD Tvs.

Yes, playing on TV is indeed fun.  I would eventually like to build a system for doing that.  Most modern PCs have HDMI ports, as do all graphics cards from the past several years.  Also, HDTVs usually have a VGA port, but that still won't be as "HD" as HDMI.

can you run some patches on wine? I installed a patch in GTA San andreas and it made the graphics quality a little better. I dont know how it did that but perhaps increased the draw distance and made the shadows darker and longer. You can see if there is some patch to fix AOE2 launching issue. Else you can get AOE3 which has much better HD-like graphics and a lot of civilizations to choose from. my favorites are the Native American ones (from the war-chiefs expansion). The other expansion Asian dynasties was pretty good too, but they made the Japanese civilization  almost invincible :)  8) .

As far as I know, you can install patches on Wine.  I'm not usually a big fan of patches.

Unfortunately, with AOE2, I don't know what the issue is.  The "Collector's Edition" original disc just gives me an unspecified error when I try to launch it, whereas the Conquerors expansion disc just does nothing.  It's puzzling.  The game has Gold and Platinum ratings on the WineHQ, including in Ubuntu 14.04 and Mint 17.1, so it's a conundrum.  It could be an issue with my graphics card, or something else.  Oddly enough, Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, which uses the AOE2 engine (the game is AOE2, but with a Star Wars theme) runs great in Wine.  So, I dunno.  I could try Playonlinux to see if there's a "recommended" Wine version to use for it.  Even though I'm not a POL fan, I do love that game.  I can also dig into Winetricks and see what I can do.  I'd really like to get the game running because real time strategy is my 3rd favorite game genre after RPG and FPS.

I did get Age of Empires Gold working, though.


well then you dont need to worry about heating at all :) I dont need to, as well because my CPU is so slow  :P

That sounds like my laptop. It occasionally gets a little warm, but never hot.  ;)
Title: Re: Linux Gaming (continued discussion)
Post by: sskarma on September 08, 2015, 11:33:45 am
An investment which proves to be useful for years. also desktops are much better gaming machines than laptops because they can be upgraded easily. :)

yes they do. the port like the monitor. but the video quality will not be as good as it is on HD or more. very soon, games will support resolutions upto 4K. that'll require a heavier graphics card, more RAM and a 4K monitor Or TV.

is that gold edition of "age of Empires 1" in the picture ? strategy games also enjoy a high place in my favourite genres. Age of Empires, Rise of nations, Empire earth, age of mythology etc. cool! a Star wars strategy game? I didn't know one existed :) I did play startrek armada once. and there is another game called warzone 2100 (also available for Linux and in peppermint software center). it's a good strategy game as well with interesting campaign. Age of mythology is a spin off of AOE2, but it focuses more on ancient civilisations which worshipped greek and norse Gods (like Thor, odin, loki, Zeus etc). there are so many mythical creatures which as playable units like frost giants, dragons, trolls, unicorns etc. and a big huge titan who is more like the game finisher. ;D

Age of Empires 2 and 3 (especially 3) bring a lot of good old memories. I was in college back then and I would play for 5-6 hours straight. Playing with a partner as team while taking the strongest civilisation in the game (Japanese) as enemy in expert mode is fun. Me and my roommate used to play like that. the enemy would destroy everything within 10 minutes of the beginning of the game. but we'd hide our villagers in various parts of the map gathering resources, building town center, farms etc in corners occasionally facing attacks. and once we gathered enough resources, we'd create a mixed army. it was total fun!

Title: Re: Linux Gaming (continued discussion)
Post by: scifidude79 on September 08, 2015, 11:57:15 am
Yes, that is indeed the original AOE (or AOE1) Gold Edition in the picture.   ;D  As far as I know, there's only ever been one Star Wars real time strategy game, Galactic Battlegrounds, though they did make a few turn-based strategy games.  Star Wars: Empire at War is turn-based.  I believe there was also one called Star Wars: Rebellion.  There may be more.  I prefer RTS, but turn-based can be fun too.  In fact, I have Empire at War, I should see if that works with Wine.  :)

I figured out the issue with AOE2 isn't an issue with my desktop, because my laptop does the same thing.  I need to figure out what it is.  I'm going to try Playonlinux next.

I never had AOE3.  I'd buy it now if I still bought Windows games, but I don't.  I only support PC games that work with Linux now.  There are a few strategy games for Linux.  In fact, if you don't mind older and indie games, check out Warzone 2100 (old game getting more recent updates) and MegaGlest in the repositories.  MegaGlest is a lot of fun, it has a cool Medieval theme to it, whereas Warzone 2100 is futuristic.  I don't remember if Warzone 2100 has a campaign, but I don't think MegaGlest does, it's all matches with various user made maps.  But, it's fun.  And, the best part about both games is that they're completely free.   8)
Title: Re: Linux Gaming (continued discussion)
Post by: scifidude79 on September 08, 2015, 12:17:35 pm
I'm getting a new respect for Playonlinux.  I installed it, uninstalled AOE2 and then used POL to install AOE2 and it runs great.  Heck, it looks better than it does in Windows 7.


Windows 7 has some graphical glitches (red grass, purple water) in this game where you have to Alt+Tab out of the game, kill the Windows Explorer, and then go back to the game.  There's none of that in Wine, the graphics look great.  The highest I can get the resolution is 1280 x 1024, but that's no biggie for me.  I'm just glad it works.  Now I just need to use POL to install the Conquerors expansion.  :)
Title: Re: Linux Gaming (continued discussion)
Post by: sskarma on September 09, 2015, 10:41:31 am
I was never a big fan of turn based strategy games. I used to play a GBA game called Advanced Wars, it was turn based and it sucked! I wanted to try "Sid Meir's Civilization" game series but my friend told me it's turn based too. Age of Empires is probably the best ever real time strategy game series! I liked another game called Empire Earth. it has a lot of ages. From dark ages to nano age where you can create war robots and drones. I heard that the Later versions of Empire earth weren't so great.

warzone 2100 had a campaign when I used to play it on windows about 5 years ago :) You have to install your base on a planet, create those tanks, factories, research facilities etc and slowly wipe out the enemy territories on the planet followed by getting control of the oil rigs. I gotta play it again as it is available on Linux. this game is a legend!

I used to do that kill explorer trick on windows 7 :P but that wasn't a permanent solution and it didn't solve the narrow screen issue. but it did work. patches were helpful though but patches have disadvantages. patches generally contain viruses and once installed. they latch on to your system and creates systemwide chaos :D anyway, AOE 2 HD solved every issue however it requires the installation of the "Age of kings" expansion pack. you can also install a new expansion pack called "Forgotten Empires" which includes Indian and Slavic civilisations.

PlayOnLinux does a commendable job even though it's just a front end for wine. and it makes it easier for new users to install their favorite windows games and apps on Linux. but I failed to make it work :(
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Post by: scifidude79 on September 09, 2015, 11:33:58 am
Actually, even though I'm not a turn-based fan either, I liked Advanced Wars.  A friend of mine at Ft. Bragg got me started on that.  But, yeah, usually I prefer real time strategy games.  The same goes for RPGs.  I hate that thing where you have to move all of your players one at a time in a "turn," then repeat, repeat, repeat.  ::)  Real time movement with turn-based combat is a little better, but I'm still not overly fond of it.  I hate having my characters just standing there getting hit when they can be hitting back.  Plus, the computer always seems to get "turns" more quickly than my characters.  But, having said that, I still like stuff like the Final Fantasy and Phantasy Star games.  They have real time movement with turn-based combat.

I'm going to have to install Warzone 2100 again.  I used to have it installed a few Linux versions back, but I haven't added it to P6 yet.  I don't know if you like sim games, but there are also a few of those in the repositories.  The original Sim City is even in there, but it's not called Sim City due to copyright issues.  After Maxis released the source code for Sim City, the guy who had been hired by them to make the official Linux port released it too, it's called Micropolis.  I have it installed.  Then there's also Lincity and Lincity-NG.  Lincity is a lot like Micropolis, whereas Lincity-NG is a more advanced version with better graphics.  Then there's also openttd, if you like Transport Tycoon Deluxe.  (too bad there's not a Linux equivalent of RollerCoaster Tycoon ;) )

Age of Empires is definitely king of the heap as far as RTS, though I also love the SW version, Galactic Battlegrounds.  Though, after I installed the Conquerors expansion, I started it and it started right up.  However, POL then asked me if I wanted to install an update patch, so I hit "Yes."  After that installed, it wouldn't start.  So, I deleted it, reinstalled without the patch, and the game works fine and I played for quite a while last night.   :-\

Playonlinux is more than just a front end for Wine, it actually decides which version is best for what you want to run.  For example, it installed AOE2 with Wine 1.6 and Steam (the windows version, obviously) with 1.7.3.  I'd previously tried Steam with the Wine version in the repositories, which is 1.6.2.  (odd that AOE2 wouldn't work with that but it would with 1.6 on POL  ??? )  Anyway, with Steam installed with the version in the repos, it would launch but I couldn't see any text.  So, I used POL to install it and it works great.  I already installed 3 of my games that aren't Linux compatible, Bioshock, Judge Dredd: Dredd VS Death and Freedom Force.  Only Freedom Force gave me some graphical glitches, but I ran it in a virtual desktop, selected my native resolution in game, and now it runs fine.  Also, for some silly reason, the in game audio was disabled, but all I had to do was enable that.

One odd thing about Wine, all versions I have installed, is that, between last night and today, they seem to have switched which of my DVD-Rom drives is D and which is E.  That threw me for a loop.  Though, I suspect that's got something to do with how the system identifies them, though I don't know why Peppermint would have swapped them.  It's odd, to say the least.   :-\  (this is why I prefer downloaded games on the computer these days)
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Post by: sskarma on September 09, 2015, 06:14:26 pm
:P I too detest it when my units are characters are getting hit by the enemy units and I can't do nothing. this actually, limits the capabilities of the player. in RTS games, you can play sandbox style. I still remember how I used to make a huge army of only paladins in AOE2 because they have a large attack and HP. they are fast, resistant to conversion and can destroy anything within seconds. sometimes I would even send some villagers near enemy territory discreetly and build an army base there, regularly sending soldiers to disturb the enemy's resource gather process.

I love simulation games too :D I used to play SIMS. 3 a lot. and I have also played Sim city. on android I have played everything from Sim city, the Sims to goat simulator and crocodile simulator :P it's a good news that Sim city is available on the repositories. I like how we can make full use of our imagination and ideas in simulation games. Farm simulation games are my favourite too. I used to play Farmville 2 online regularly until I left Facebook forever.

Perhaps you can try installing the another AOE2 expansion called "Age of kings". it came later than conquerors expansion and it has a few things added. new civilisations, villagers not sitting idle but doing things that are happening around them and much more. this expansion pack is a must if you want to Install the official HD version and the forgotten Empires expansion.

I don't think that Linux can misread a CD/DVD drive because it shows internal HDD as sda, USB drives as sdb and optical CD/DVD drives as sr. but wine definitely has some issues and maybe this is why you're facing this problem. I think windows recognizes a drive just by its letter name as C, D, E etc. perhaps you inserted a pen drive or something which gave it the letter name of the CD DRIVE ;D

One thing I gotta ask is that PlayOnLinux appears in the submenu of "Games". can we make every single game on POL appear on menu separately? like suppose you have installed 10 games on POL, can you make them appear as 10 different entries in the menu (submenu of games)
Title: Re: Linux Gaming (continued discussion)
Post by: scifidude79 on September 09, 2015, 07:10:31 pm
I have two DVD drives, sr0 and sr1 on my system.  Or, as Wine (Windows) identifies them, D: and E:.  They're in the same order as their SATA ports on the motherboard.  sr0 is my top drive and sr1 is my bottom drive, so they mount as sr0=D: and sr1=E.  However, they seem to have gotten flipped somehow.  sr0 appears to now be E: and sr1 is now D:.  It could be Wine, or it could be something else.  I just know it was aggravating.  I was pretty ticked and couldn't figure out why games that were working last night were suddenly telling me to insert the CD when it was in the top drive, until I decided to try the CD in the bottom drive and it worked.   ::)  It just seems a bit odd to me that two different versions of Wine did that, but I've seen odder things.

The Age of Kings is the subtitle for AOE2.  The game is called Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings (  I bought a Collector's Edition at Walmart years ago that came with The Age of Kings, The Conquerors Expansion and AOE Gold Edition, all for $10.  There is a second expansion for Age of Empires II:  The Age of Kings called The Forgotten, maybe that's what you're thinking of.  That wasn't included in my Collector's Edition set because it was just released two years ago.  I think it's designed to go with the Age of Empires: HD Edition that they sell on Steam.  (that's the one where you can play in widescreen)

Playonlinux games automatically get their own menu entries.  The only thing I didn't get a menu entry for was Steam, but that may be because I have a menu entry already for the Linux version of Steam.  (the second Steam entry is an SSB I created that goes directly to the Steam Store ;) )


So far, AOE2 and The Conquerors expansion are all I have installed with POL, besides Steam.  Unfortunately, some games I have aren't on the list of games that POL can install.  I'm going to either have to drop them or take my chances with regular Wine.  (some I already know don't work)
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Post by: sskarma on September 09, 2015, 08:25:08 pm
if you can somehow unmount one of the optical drives or turn it off in menu>preferences>disks, perhaps it will stop showing in wine and the swapping problem will go away :D Perhaps wine does that it's very rare for computers having two optical drives :P I had two optical drives in my first PC. I bought it in 2001 and CD/DVD writer wasn't available in the market I guess and they only installed the CD/DVD reader. after a few years, when the DVD writer became a necessity, I bought it and fixed it on my PC. however I couldn't throw the old one away, so I had two optical drives. physically recognizing them was easy because the old one was white and the new one was black. (that was the time when computers started coming in black, not white anymore).

yes I told you about this HD edition. but I downloaded the HD edition for free. It was the official site and it said that anybody with Age of kings can download the HD version and forgotten Empires. that was in 2014. :) Age of kings was the main AOE2? I thought that conquerors expansion came first because it lacks some AI elements which Age of kings have.

Thanks for the screenshot. it's cool that these games show as separate apps on the menu. You can download "menu editor" and easily move games from the wine submenu to "games" :)
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Post by: scifidude79 on September 09, 2015, 09:52:58 pm
The drive without a disc in it isn't even mounted.  I really don't know why it decided to make the one that had a disc in it E: instead of D:.  It's just one of those weird things.  I only have two DVD-RW drives because one decided it wanted to be stupid about burning discs, (not always working) so I got the second one for burning and I use the other one for reading discs.  Though, my Antec 600 gaming case has room for three optical drives.

I already knew about the HD version of Age of Empires II, I've seen it plenty of times on Steam.  I just mainly ignore it because I have the CD edition.  I don't mind playing it in a 1024 x 768 window.  With that type of game, I don't necessarily need HD graphics.

Yes, according to Wikipedia, The Age of Kings is the main game, The Conquerors is the first expansion they released.

There's no need to install anything to have menu entries, all you need are .desktop files.  In order to have menu entries in the Games folder for Wine stuff, all you have to do is get the .dekstop files from the ~/.local/share/applications/wine/program folder/ directories and copy them to ~/.local/share/applications.  Then you just have to edit them in the text editor and add a category line for them like so:

Code: [Select]
Then you get nice menu entries in your Games folder, instead of having to go through the Wine subfolders.  I did that for Age of Empires, Age of Empires Expansion, RollerCoaster Tycoon Deluxe and RolllerCoaser Tycoon 2 Triple Thrill Pack:


Sure, they also have menu entries in the Wine subfolders, though I could get rid of those if I wanted to.  ;)
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Post by: sskarma on September 10, 2015, 12:11:19 am
That's a lot :o my DVD writer drive has some issue. it reads disks very slowly. I had trouble installing Peppermint that's why. the installation demanded more speed than the speed provided by the DVD drive. however, it went on a bit slow but steady and Peppermint got installed successfully. maybe it has gone dirty from the insider. I might have to get it cleaned or buy a new one that may have higher speed.

1024x768 resolution is okay but 1366x768 resolution is a must if you have a wide-screen monitor. However the maximum resolution available in AOE2 non-HD is 1024x768 and it was pretty decent. the HD version of AOE2 is just HD by name. it doesn't enhance the graphics or just let's you play in a higher resolution and the population limit has been increased. you can even play with a pop cap of 1000 :P but that'll make your computer hang.

I tried to edit my menu entries like that with gedit adding an extra line. but It didn't work. I don't know why :( Menu editor works like a charm for Me. it also has a restore system configuration option if you want your menu to be like just how it was before using menu editor :D
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Post by: scifidude79 on September 10, 2015, 06:05:54 am
Yeah, you could try cleaning the drive.  Though, if you need a new drive, they're not very expensive.  You can get OEM DVD-RW drives on NewEgg and similar sites for about $20 USD.  That's not bad at all.

Playing AOE2 in 1024 x 768 isn't bad.  Sure, I'd like higher, but such is life.  I could go 1280 x 1024, but I don't know how well that would work on my 1600 x 900 monitor in a window (probably not too well.)  One thing I have issues with in Wine is stuff scaling properly in fullscreen, I think it has to do with Wine plus Nvidia graphics.  (fun, fun)  So, I run most of my Wine stuff in a virtual desktop, which is why I get stuff like AOE, AOE2, the RollerCoaster Tycoon games and most everything else that's "square" in windows and not fullscreen.  I have no issues like that with my other stuff that needs to scale up to fullscreen on my monitor but isn't capable of HD resolutions, such as my DOSBox games.  It's just Wine that does that.  But, it works, so I can't complain too much.  Running some of these games in Wine is still better than running them in Windows 7, window or not.  ;)

If you like that menu editor, that's great.  I always say people should use what makes them happy.   ;D  I have no issues making menu entries with the text editor, but I also have a lot of experience in Peppermint.  I've been using it (off and on) since 2010.  I'm used to digging into text files to configure things, but I understand that not everybody wants to do that.  That restore function sounds handy.  The only way to do that without the menu editor is to have made a backup of your panel file found in ~/.config/lxpanel/Peppermint/panels/ before you changed it.
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Post by: scifidude79 on September 10, 2015, 07:01:28 am
Computer gaming can be really interesting sometimes.  I have games from 10 years ago that won't run in higher than 1024 x 768 resolution.  Meanwhile, I was just playing a game from 1997 in 1600 x 900.  As far as I know, it hasn't had an update to make it "HD," it just works in that resolution.
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Post by: sskarma on September 10, 2015, 07:14:13 am
That's a good price for a DVD writer. in earlier days, they used to cost a lot. I still remember how my friends and relatives used to come to my place to copy their CDs and DVDs. not everybody had a DVD writer back then :P I saved money for months to buy one.

on second thought, I often come to hear that a lot of modern laptops and desktops come without a DVD drive. is it true? because they make use of USB instead? if that's correct, I might even invest in buying a lot of 4 GB pen drives. say about 5 and install my favourite distros in them. and then some 16-32 GB pen drives to store my data and games etc. All my CDs and DVDs got damaged. I don't know why. I had disks of windows xp, 7, lubuntu, elementary os, puppy, parted magic etc. but all of them stopped working. they wouldn't even show up as an optical drive. perhaps it's the humid weather here or my leather CD case which is more than 10 Years old. or maybe the CD and DVDs I bought (I buy from the same shop) were crap. and the last time, I tried reinstalling Lubuntu, I ended up losing all of my partitions. my games, isos, songs, movies got deleted. perhaps it was because my Lubuntu CD had got damaged and the installation became crazy. I didn't have backup as well. now I have started downloading all those songs, distros and my favourite movies again. and perhaps I would make no mistake by buying any more DVD/CDs from that shop or not storing my data in DVDs anymore. But in pen drives perhaps. what do you think? is it a good idea? will that keep my data safe forever. I'll keep them pen drives wrapped in a plastic bag with silica gel packet in a vault :D

getting back to the topic, thanks for reminding me of DOS BOX. isn't it the emulator for the early 90s games written for ms DOS? I remember wolfeinstein and elders scroll daggerfall and a few other DOS games which were pretty solid :)

So can you run DOS BOX inside wine and play DOS games? cool! :D

Actually you know, you're right :) maybe I should try learning to move apps within the menu in the gedit way. menu editor is too easy and I want to learn more and more about linux. although I've been a Linux user for more than a year, I'd still be considered a newbie. for some reason, a newbie always like his things to be easy like that in Windows. A Linux user shouldn't be like that. he should always strive hard to learn more and more about linux and try doing stuff in a different way :)

BTW aren't there square shaped monitors still available these days? ;D perhaps wine will look good with them considering how it renders most games in a square window :D
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Post by: scifidude79 on September 10, 2015, 07:51:27 am
Your average desktop and laptop should come with a DVD drive, if not Blu-Ray.  Blu-Ray is the reason the DVD drives are so cheap now.  They're the high end drives, whereas DVD is considered "inferior" technology.  (though, last time I checked, Blu-Ray doesn't work with Linux)  I think it's just smaller laptops and netbooks that don't come with DVD drives, but I could be wrong.  I haven't computer shopped in ages.  I built my desktop and I have a second desktop that someone gave me, all I had to do was replace the motherboard in it.  And, my laptop is from 2012.  With streaming and software downloads being the hot ticket these days, I really don't know what they're doing with computers.

No need to run DOSBox in Wine, it's available in the repositories.  It can be used for games going all the way back to the early '80s, though some of those games from that far back were made for really slow CPU cycles by today's standards, so they won't run on a modern CPU without tweaking DOSBox's configuration, which is easy to do.  Anyway, to install DOSBox, all you have to do is this:

Code: [Select]
sudo apt-get install dosbox
You really want to run it native because I've heard Wine and DOSBox don't mix too well.  ;)

GOG and Steam even sell old DOS games for PC, Mac and Linux that come with DOSBox already configured to run them.  If you saw Duke Nukem and Duke Nukem II in my Games Menu, those were both purchased on GOG and came with shell scripts for installation in Linux.  Both of them run in DOSBox, along with some other stuff I have on there.

As far as I know, all you can get are widescreen monitors these days.  I still have an old CRT monitor in a closet, just in case my LCD goes out.  ;)
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Post by: scifidude79 on September 10, 2015, 08:11:45 am
Here you go, a little DOSBox happening:


I have the game Star Wars: Dark Forces on Steam, but it's Windows only even though it runs in DOSBox. GOG has it for Linux, but I don't want to buy it a second time.  So, I just downloaded the files and copied them to my /home folder and I can run it manually in DOSBox.   8)
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Post by: sskarma on September 10, 2015, 09:09:50 am
in that case,  I will stick to my DVD writer drive  :P and if it goes out someday, my pen drives will come to the rescue  8) :D The last time I bought a computer was in 2009. and that's it. I played a lot of games and did computer stuff on my friends' laptops and PCs. I never considered computers a necessity even though i need to use CAD. This computer was lying at some corner of the house while I was away for about 5 years. I got it repaired and got XP installed. I used FreeCAD (a free alternative to AutoCAD) for a lot of projects. Turned out, FreeCAD is available on Linux too  :) ;) I think about getting a new laptop or PC but each and everyday, something new comes up. Had I bought a laptop about 2-3 years ago, I would have paid the same price for Core i3, 4 GB RAM, 1 GB graphics and 500 GB HDD which gets you a core i5, 8 GB RAM, 2 GB graphics and 1 TB HDD these days. So I am still sticking to this PC until I figure something out  :P

DOS had some really good games, i will install DOSBOX for sure and Wine+POL too as soon as I finish downloading all my games. I ;lost around 120 GB of data. I gotta get it back.

You can play "Elder's Scroll : Daggerfall" on DOSBoX. It s considered as one of the best games in this series. I read that some modders have been trying to re-make this game for modern PCs. I hope they release it for Linux. The makers of Elder's scroll have also released a good game series called Fallout. I havent played FallOut completely but I was once playing Fallout 3 randomly on a bud's laptop and it seemed like a first person simulation game. The game starts with the protagonist getting botn, getting older...all from first person perspective. But it is actually an open world  first person shooter.
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Post by: scifidude79 on September 10, 2015, 09:16:57 am
Yeah, FreeCAD is in the repositories.  I think there may be a few other CAD programs in there too, or at least there used to be.

One thing I like to do is watch sites like Steam and GOG to see which of those old DOS games are making a comeback.  i especially like GOG because they seem to be better about releasing them for Linux than Steam is.  There are a few Star Trek and Star Wars games I want to get on GOG because, unlike the Steam versions, they work in Linux.  :)
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Post by: sskarma on September 10, 2015, 09:33:57 am
According to Wikipedia, only 1.8% of all computer users use Linux on their desktop/laptops. Perhaps this is why a lot of major games (AOE, GTA, Far Cry, Assasin's Creed, Crysis, Call of Duty etc) are still not available on Linux :( It's good that those DOS games are making a comeback. I am thinking of downloading handheld consoles emulators like GBA, NDS, N3DS for linux and play those games on PC. Maybe linux gamers have to wait for another 5-6 years until major games are released for Linux. :) Until then, emulators/wine/dosbox  :D
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Post by: scifidude79 on September 10, 2015, 10:28:07 am
Some major companies are already making games for Linux.  Batman: Arkham Knight is supposed to be out for Linux in a couple months.  Hopefully, that release will go better than the Windows one did.   ::)  Unfortunately, a lot of game companies do ignore us.  And, even when they do new releases for Linux, it's hard to get them to do ports of their older stuff.  What I hate is when game 2 or 3 in a series are available for Linux but the preceding game or games aren't.  That totally sucks.

It will be interesting to see what effect Windows 10 has on gaming.  It was Windows 8 and their crappy interface that pushed Valve to look into Linux.  Maybe Win10 and the multitude of problems it has will get more companies looking our way.  One can only hope.

Emulators are nice.  If I remember correctly, there's a nice Nintendo 64 emulator in the repositories.  Plus, NES, SNES, GameBoy and various others.  And, there's always M.E.S.S., the Multi Emulator Super System.  Though, I've never been able to figure that thing out.  To me, the name says it all; it's a mess.
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Post by: sskarma on September 10, 2015, 10:59:20 am
Really? Arkham knight releasing for linux! that's a great news :D if I'm not wrong, these batman games have won a lot of awards, haven't they? I haven't played the game personally but checked out this game on various sites and watched the gameplay trailer.

Like I told you in the previous thread, "Dying Light " too was released for Linux (along with PC and consoles). it's a major game and it's predecessors Dead island series gave been praised. And just like you said, they released Dying Light but they'll probably never release it's predecessors for linux :(

I never used Windows 8 but I did hear from a lot of people that it looks like a "lumia" but it sucks. Then 8.1 was released and it had a start button. I don't know if it worked out well. most of my friends use either 7 or XP (still) to play games. :)

Wish there was a ps2 emulator for linux. :) do you know any?
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Post by: scifidude79 on September 10, 2015, 11:19:47 am
Here you go, this is supposed to be the best PS2 emulator, though I've never used it:

At least it has a Linux download.

Windows 8 is a crock.  It has a tablet style interface, which most people don't want on their computers.  The "Start" button in 8.1 just launches the big tablet style interface.  I don't know if you've ever tried Ubuntu's Unity or Gnome-Shell, but it's a lot like that.  When you go to open a program, you get a giant tablet-style screen with all of your programs at once, as opposed to a normal menu structure.  Though, unlike the Linux equivalent, there's no way to add a regular menu to the Win8 interface.  Fortunately, I never owned a computer with it, but I used it when I helped my grandma set up her Win8.1 computer.  I hate it.  Win10 doesn't look any better.

The Batman games are pretty cool.  I have Arkham Asylum, which I really liked, Arkham City which, for me, has a weaker story that I was disappointed with, and Arkham Origins.  The only one I haven't played all the way through is Origins, though it seems pretty solid.  It was made by a different company than the first two, but Arkham Knight was made by the same company as the first two, Rocksteady.
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Post by: sskarma on September 10, 2015, 06:59:28 pm
Thank You. That PS2 emulator if works will prove to be really helpful. atleast my PS2 DVDs and CDs won't go waste :P

Gnome has an app launcher button on its dock, right? just like how Sony Xperia and HTC phones used to have until Kitkat. It appears like an android menu. Today I downloaded and tried a lightweight distro called Alpha OS (for the first time, I have used a 64-bit OS on my PC). It too has a button like that. and so does Elementary OS. They call it slingshot launcher. I dont think its cool. Especially when the app launcher alone is consuming around 50 MB of your RAM, it ain't a lightweight distro anymore.

I think Windows 10 has an optional tablet mode . But that still doesn't make it any better. Getting windows is spending money. pay money for the OS, then the antivirus/internet security, install all drivers and spend half an hour configuring everything. And it goes on well for a few years until a friend of yours give you his pen drive and you insert it in only to see it has corrupted all your files turning 'em into shortcuts  >:( Worse, your computer wouldn't even turn on after  the next reboot. If you have the Windows DVD and the drivers, you are saved. or else, get ready to pay  :P I have faced days like this.  ::)

what do you think about the Windows phone OS in lumia phones?they suck even more than windows PC OS do. Aif Android is 90/100 (android has some limitations), windows doesnt even qualify! We had a friend who tried to be "different" and got a lumia. and he claims it to be the worst decision of his life. Internet explorer is so damn slow. and Chrome on android works like a rocket. We can even use google cloud print  to creat pdf of any secure web page (like exam forms) while he couldn't. Besies. every major app like whatsapp, hike had issues in windows. And once, facebook terminated support for their Windows phone app. Instagram was in beta for so long (i don't know if it still is). Nothing is customizable. and what's even funny is that when my esteemed colleague got sick of Windows phone 8 and tried upgrading to 8.1, the phone said that the update can only be done on a wi-fi network  :P :P :P :P And we aint got no wifi in our homes. most of us use 3G because it faster and cheaper.  After a few weeks, he bought a cheap android phone and sold the windows phone online.

I still remember how Christopher Nolan's made a deep impact on the batman character. I watched only one movie called BATMAN AND ROBIN where George clooney starred as batman. It was awful and I never watched a batman movie again until I watched Batman Begins. it was great. Then Dark Knight which is one of the best movies ever and then its sequel. Nolan has made Batman likeable :) Pretty sure Zack Synder won't disappoint us either. This is one of the reasons why I think the Batman  games got popular so soon. Besides the fact that they are made in an open world setting and have excellent fight sequences (wtahcing the trailers)
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Post by: scifidude79 on September 10, 2015, 07:27:44 pm
I've seen every live action Batman movie there is, most of them in the theater when they were out.  (except the 1966 one because I wasn't born and The Dark Knight, but I have them both on DVD) Batman Forever and Batman & Robin are what happened when, after two successful dark films, (as Batman should be) Warner Bros. decided to fire Tim Burton and hire Joel Schumacher to "lighten" the films.  Batman Forever was OK, but Batman & Robin is just awful.  Too many stupid one-liner jokes.  Nolan was given what would have been Batman 5 had that series continued, but WB had him (thankfully) reboot the series and he decided to take Batman back to his roots as he was in the early comics, as opposed to following some of the later more "light" versions of the character.  And, it worked.  I really like his three Batman films. Though, my favorite version of Batman is actually the animated version they did in the '90s.  That was a cool TV show.  It was well written, especially for a kids' show.  (more intelligent than Batman & Robin)  Plus, the artwork is fantastic.  I have little faith in Zack Snyder.  300 is a decent film and he did OK with Watchmen, but it's not that true to the comic, which I have.  I have the Director's cut of the Watchmen, which is better.  However, I hated Man of Steel.  I didn't even finish that.  I seriously doubt that anything born from that film will be good.  So, that's my take on the off topic discussion.  ;)

The dock in Gnome 3 is actually an optional thing (a shell extension.)  But, yes, some of them do have the "apps" thing on the dock.  Others have it in the upper left of the screen.

As for Windows and phones, I can't say I've ever used a Windows phone.  However, Windows 8, much like Unity and Gnome-Shell, has that thing just like on Android where you bring all of your apps up at once on the screen and scroll through to find the one you want.  On a tablet or phone, that's fine, but it looks like crap on a 20-inch monitor.  That's one reason I hated Gnome 3 for a long time, though there are actually at least some tweaks you can do with it to bring it back to a more "normal" looking interface with taskbars and a menu and whatnot.  Gnome 3 actually has a lot of good extensions for Shell now that weren't there in the early days.  Unity, not so much.  In fact, Canonical seems bent on making it less customizable.  (ironically, this discussion actually fits into that other thread we branched off of ;) )  From what I've heard (because I won't touch it with a ten meter pole) Windows 10 has the option to either have a menu or the tablet-style junk.  However, with 10, the interface is the least of its concerns, I think.

OK, back on topic here.  I hope that PS2 emulator works out for you.  I've never tried emulating the PS2 because I have one that works.  But, I can see the attraction as I wouldn't want to go out and buy another one if it broke.  Amazon actually still sells the Slim console new, but they're creeping back up in price as they're becoming more scarce.  On a sour note, it's hard to believe that's considered a "retro" console now.   :o

On the gaming side of things, I've been playing Age of Empires Gold tonight, thanks to Wine.  It's been ages since I've played that, (see what I did there? >:D ) so I've been having fun.  It's interesting noting the differences between that one and AOE2.
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Post by: sskarma on September 11, 2015, 11:01:48 am
That upcoming superman vs batman movie reminded me of this game called "injustice gods among us". I watched the's a fight game like street fighter but with all those superheroes :P Movies and games are correlated to each other :D so many great games have came from movies and vice versa. There was a movie in news called "San Andreas" and I thought it's finally a GTA movie. But it was a disaster film.

That's true. I like the fact how the normal menu on Linux distros organize every app according to their functionality. a tablet style menu messes everything up (if it cannot be customized).

PS2 has a lot of great games and all PS3s are not Backward compatible with ps2 games. perhaps it's a Sony trick to make PS2 an entry level console or a retro console like you said. :)

that's great! carry on :) ;D I miss playing AOE2. I have to download AOE gold soon. followed by 2 and 3. I haven't yet played AOE3 on my own PC because my PC sucks and AOE3 has excellent graphics (Water reflection and shadows). I doubt it will run smoothly, especially when I'm running it with wine
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Post by: scifidude79 on September 11, 2015, 11:43:47 am
Batman V Superman reminds me a lot of Frank Miller's comic Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, which has also been adapted into an animated film.  In that book/film, Batman comes out of retirement but the government won't allow his brand of justice anymore, so they send Superman in to "take care of" him.  Anyway, they have a big battle at the climax of book four of the story where Batman is waiting for Superman in an armored suit.  That's what the movie trailer reminds me of.  But, of course, in the movie version, Batman and Superman aren't going to have the history together that they do in the comics.  Anyway, it looks like a lame ripoff to me, plus I hate Snyder's version of Superman.  However, WB sure does seem to love Zack Snyder.  Aside from directing Batman V Superman, he's also slated to direct the two Justice League films they have in pre-production.  I'm more interested in the standalone Batman film that Ben Affleck is in talks to direct after he wraps up Batman V Superman and the Justice League films.  I'd like to see what he does with Batman.

Back on the gaming side, I think my next graphics card is likely going to be an AMD card.  We switched Internet from AT&T to Time Warner today, so I was updating the Wifi on my laptop, which I usually don't use because I prefer my desktop.  Anyway, while I was on there, I decided to do a little test of how Wine works on there.  Unlike with Nvidia graphics, I didn't have any issues playing an 800 x 600 or 1026 x 768 game scaled to "full" screen.  (black bars on the side because the screen is 1366 x 768)  I don't care what some gamers say about AMD graphics, I have less issues with AMD on my laptop than I do with Nvidia on my desktop.

Yeah, Sony kind of made a mess of the backward compatibility of the PS3.  You had to buy either a 20GB or 60GB console from the first generation for full PS2 support or a 20GB or 80GB from the second generation for partial support (emulator.)  That was it, no other PS3s in the world are backward compatible with PS2 games.  I think Sony didn't prioritize that because they continued to manufacture and make games for the PS2 for five years after the PS3 release, just as they did with the PS1 after the PS2 release.  This is as opposed to Microsoft, who dropped the XBOX right at the release of the XBOX 360.
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Post by: sskarma on September 11, 2015, 12:46:42 pm
I gotta get myself that comic soon :) I wish to have Batman in a game where you have to live a double life as a superhero and a biillionaire. The superhero stuff will be like just how it is right now in all those games. and the billionaire life can be more simulation type. the player gets options to customize Bruce Wayne's hairstyle, clothes, buy cars, date girls and play business games (invest in stock market, buy and sell properties).  :P And when the supercop aka Gordon calls, the superhero action starts  :D

How do you access wifi on your desktop?  Have you installed a USB wifi adapter to your desktop or something? Then perhaps AMD is better for guys who are using Linux and wish to play games through wine. Can extremely heavy games like Far Cry 4, GTA V, Watch dogs etc run smoothly with wine?

As far as I recall, Sony discontinued PS2 only a few months before I got myself that used PS2. However, certain games like PES were released after, but they have stopped now. Microsoft has released another console, haven't they? XBOX ONE? have they discontinued 360?
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Post by: scifidude79 on September 11, 2015, 01:37:39 pm
Actually, the PS2 was produced longer than I thought it was.  They stopped production in December 2012 in Japan and January 2013 in the West.  That's why you can still find new ones for sale.  The final game produced for it came out last year.

I have a USB Wifi adapter for my desktop, which is good because my computer isn't the one with the modem hooked up to it.  ;)

I have no idea about those games running smoothly in Wine because I don't have any of them.
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Post by: sskarma on September 12, 2015, 11:07:51 am
A lot of people mod their PS2s to play pirated games. too bad, my PS2 ain't modded yet. But I got a source who sell pirated PS2 games for about 50 cents to a dollar per CD/DVD. I am gonna have to spend a score on repairing the lens and getting it modded :)