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Okay, good luck with your data recovery and thanks for the kind words about Peppermint, we're happy to hear you're enjoying it :)
General Discussion / Re: First Tech Challenge...Robotics
« Last post by PCNetSpec on Today at 05:09:03 am »
Redneck Rice Rocket .. love it :))

No need to thank us my mate, it's always fun to chat to like minded people and we're not overly strict about forum etiquette in the general discussion forum.

This forum is more a friendly 'community' than purely a tech support forum, at least I hope that's how people see it .. so you're more than just welcome , your participation is much appreciated :)
General Discussion / Re: First Tech Challenge...Robotics
« Last post by DAMIEN1307 on October 22, 2017, 11:11:40 pm »
hi tank didnt come with a plastic band on the gas has no plastic on it...just the rubber strip of old tire tube underneath the tank before i bolted it onto the frame...the front engine mount i requisitioned from a roll bar assembly from a wrecked demolition derby car...i have two names for my bike...the bike frame is a huffy since its not a"harley davidson", its a"huffy davidson" lol...i also call it the "redneck rice rocket" since the motor is made in asia has a wireless speedometer. front and rear lighting, side mirror, and multi sound affect horn assembly...49 cc motor. runs on a fuel mixture of syn 2cycle oil as well as gasoline for a mix of 35 to 1 ratio and 2 ounces of NOS per gallon and is now equivalent to 97 to 98 will haul its weight and my fat butt at 26 to 46 mph depending on weather im on a flat or incline...i replaced the standard spark plug single contact verticle spark type plug with a three prong side contact horizontal spark type plug...ive also replaced original tires and tubes with self sealing double walled double thick tubes and kevlar reinforced tires...the rear baskets were originally front handle bar plasticoated metal mesh baskets that i refashioned/repurposed to be light weight alternatives to the standard type heavy weight rear baskets usually used on these bikes and is firmly anchored to the frame......the seat was also replaced with a memory foam design so it is quite comfortable to ride absorbing road shock quite well...the lock is kryptonite brand lock from massachusetts that is one of the better almost theft proof types since nothing is totally theft proof lol...also during assembly, i used split ring lock washers on everything since these are known to loosen up due to engine vibration...nothing has ever loosened on me yet...why they dont include these washers in the motor kit to begin with is beyond me but since i used to be an ASE certified tech at one time, it only made sense to do so...i also added the front caliper brake since it did not come equipped with anything more than rear coaster brake assembly...approximate total cost to build stands at around 600 dollars US...glad you enjoyed my had a GREAT time hanging out here with you and vinDSL today...thanks for having me here.
GNU/Linux Discussion / Re: Anybody else still using Guayadeque?
« Last post by PCNetSpec on October 22, 2017, 09:58:55 pm »
Okay now you're just taking the pronunciation p*ss ???


As an American, I'm seriously tempted to ask you to pronounce "Worcester" without looking it up :)
GNU/Linux Discussion / Re: Anybody else still using Guayadeque?
« Last post by VinDSL on October 22, 2017, 09:52:19 pm »

Think of it as Quod Libet, done right  ;D
GNU/Linux Discussion / Re: Anybody else still using Guayadeque?
« Last post by scifidude79 on October 22, 2017, 09:51:45 pm »
Yeah, I could never figure out how to say it either.  Weird spelling.  Not even everyone on that page said it the same way.   ::)

I usually just listen to music on my phone or tablet, or I open Pandora in a web browser.
Hardware / Re: Why does Peppermint 7 see multiple drives as the same thing?
« Last post by Matthew on October 22, 2017, 09:44:05 pm »
How sure are you the external drive is corrupt ?

Have you tried connecting it to another PC .. or even this one after disconnecting the cloned internal drive ?

Yes,  I have tried plugging the external drive into other computers.  Windows says the drive doesn't exist or wants to format it.  Anything Linux thinks the drive is empty and can't read from it.  I was able to recover a few files so I know there is still data on the drive.  I think the directory was corrupted when Windows crashed.

The story behind the 'corrupted' drive goes like this.  It was connected to my computer which was running Windows 7 at that time (I needed it to root the phones).  I was trying to free up space on my wife's Android phone and plugged it into the computer as I have done hundreds of times.  I had been having trouble with Windows acting up and refusing to do updates.  The instant I plugged the phone in, the phone's screen went white, the computer went blue and everything froze up.  The phone was wiped back to factory reset and she lost all her photos and apps.  The computer refused to boot into windows or the dual booted Linux system. 

I've been running Linux systems alongside Windows for years.  I only kept Windows around for applications that didn't play nice with Linux.  After the crash that wiped out all my drives and wife's phone, I crashed Windoze into the trash for good.  I only have one program that requires WINE and have learned to do everything else in Linux.

Am I positive the drive is corrupt?  I'm not positive about anything but I haven't found a way into it yet.  Once I get it cloned properly to another drive I can try various methods to recover anything left but that is another adventure.

Have I mentioned that I love Peppermint?  As you can see, I have multi-booted various Linux systems on my computer.  Fedora gave me fits and finally won't boot at all.  Manjaro was working but every rolling release update gives me a new set of headaches and they are dropping support for 32 bit systems which is my old carry around machine.  Debian works but I just didn't get excited about it.  Peppermint just works and it does it well.  The little 32 bit Acer runs better on Peppermint 7 than with any other system I've tried to use.
GNU/Linux Discussion / Re: Anybody else still using Guayadeque?
« Last post by PCNetSpec on October 22, 2017, 09:37:04 pm »
I don't like using software I'm not sure how to pronounce, you never know when someone's going to ask "what's that" and you're buggered.


As the only reference I can find to it (besides the software) is a valley in Gran Canaria, and that's a Spanish Island, I'm going to go with the Spanish (and Catalan) pronunciation(s) here:

I guess i'd be free to use it now .. except now I have two problems:-

a) I'd never remember that pronunciation when someone got around to asking.
b) It sounds stupid when an English guy says it.
GNU/Linux Discussion / Re: Anybody else still using Guayadeque?
« Last post by grafiksinc on October 22, 2017, 07:34:22 pm »
For me I am a clementine fan, it hooked me a few years back.  ;)
Networking / Re: No ethernet connectivity.
« Last post by PCNetSpec on October 22, 2017, 06:58:38 pm »
Wifi dongle won't tell us if the ethernet ports on the router or PC are at fault ;)

Though it would certainly work around it.
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