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Software & Applications / Re: Kodi 17.0 Krypton crashing.
« Last post by AndyInMokum on Today at 08:22:47 pm »
Nice !

Krypton has been working great for me.  Got bid of buffering on WiFi, too, with an add-on ...

The draconian removal and purge of the official Kodi PPA and reinstall seems to have done the trick.  I really don't know what was causing Kodi to crash.  Something got corrupted along the way  :-\.  In the past, I've always found the official PPA to be better than getting Kodi from the repos.  Updates seem to come much quicker.  Some of the Kodi addons are beasts with the buffering.   Exodus is the best for videos and linking with  I also like the Phoenix video addon.  With a bit of hacking, I've openVPN working on my openELEC Raspberry Pi 2B.  That's very handy.  Anyway, it's all hunky dory now.  I backed up ~/.kodi just in case.  Kodi along with youtube-dl are essentials for me.  I've been tinkering a lot lately, with youtube-dl.  There's so much it can do with it.  It's really an amazing tool  ;).  I'm going to wait another day before calling this [SOLVED]  ;).
New Users / Re: GRUB 2 error on peppermint 7 and linux mint.
« Last post by murraymint on Today at 08:02:13 pm »
Hi, please download the new ISO from the website as this has just been fixed in it.
Software & Applications / Re: Kodi 17.0 Krypton crashing.
« Last post by VinDSL on Today at 07:16:42 pm »
Nice !

Krypton has been working great for me.  Got bid of buffering on WiFi, too, with an add-on ...

New Users / GRUB 2 error on peppermint 7 and linux mint.
« Last post by DARKBOW923 on Today at 06:59:31 pm »
Hi, today i needed re-install peppermint 7 in my laptop, and i go to the installation of peppermint and the installation has tell me an GRUB 2 error

I tried linux mint to install and before install peppermint already, but linux mint has tell me the same error

The errors are in spanish, but i can"t traduce to english so sorry about that....
Does that include the "Please don't turn off your PC whilst Windows configures updates" shutdown time ?

If it does, you got away lightly .. now you get to enjoy reapplying all your personal system settings/driver updates it reverted to default >:(

I booted, checked for updates (since it was Tuesday) and sure enough !  I thought it would be a fun time-test.

Truthfully, I *thought* and *hoped* that I would need to turn my laptop off, in the middle of the upgrade.  I wanted to see what would happen ...  ;D

Anyway, it probably took 4 minutes to download n' prep for the upgrade - and, yes, 20 minutes of spinner time and "Please don't turn off your PC whilst Windows configures updates".  When I rebooted, to complete the upgrade, I only got the whirligig for few seconds, before the login screen.

Haven't had to reconfig anything, after any upgrade, nor reinstall any drivers.  '10' has been very stable, so far.  Then, again, I pretty much leave it alone, i.e. don't fool around with it, like I do with Linux machines.

GNU/Linux Discussion / Re: Netflix on Firefox
« Last post by scifidude79 on Today at 05:45:20 pm »
For now.
Hardware / Re: HDMI or DP for the best display
« Last post by SandmanUT on Today at 05:38:48 pm »
You're looking at mostly a licensing issue between competing formats. Think VHS vs Betamax.

The only truly important differences is that HDMI comes in at least 4 cable types with no clear labeling scheme, each meant to do something different. Which is why cables can sometimes be the source of your misery in new hookups. DP comes in just one flavor. DP can also daisy chain monitors, if your monitors have an output...even cooler, they can all have different resolutions and act independently (non mirrored) off that one cable from your computer. DP also can output to VGA plugs on old monitors with a cheap adapter, something HDMI can't do. That mostly revolves around those good old content protection schemes and the handshakes involved with HDMI.

I always try to use DP first..mainly because they are rare on consumer level crap, so you won't have a pile of demands for its slot like you will with HDMI and the seemingly every device that wants to be jammed into those ports and inputs.

edit*- I almost forgot..DP also locks in the slot. A fantastic plus if you're hanging on the back of a TV on the wall. :)
Software & Applications / Re: Lxrandr not saving settings
« Last post by SandmanUT on Today at 05:19:14 pm »
So how do I delay Xrandr in the startup so that it holds onto the set outputs instead of defaulting to whatever is causing the switch?
General Discussion / Re: Dangers of the internet
« Last post by PCNetSpec on Today at 04:34:27 pm » is the network loopback adapter aka. "localhost" .. it allows the computer to talk to itself via network protocols, allowing client software to talk to server software on the same computer.

eg. Your Peppermint desktop is currently running a CUPS server on port 631 .. if you want to access it, in a web browser go to either
Which are really the same thing (because your hosts file sets the hostname localhost to resolve to

So when you access the CUPS web interface, your browser is a "client", accessing the CUPS "server" via http (TCP/IP) on the same PC.

it's a way for applications that communicate via network protocols to talk to each other on the same PC.
New Users / sound on removing or inserting device
« Last post by joecare32 on Today at 03:34:28 pm »
How can get a sound notification on inserting or removing "say a usb device"on peppermint 7
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