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Software Center
« on: July 25, 2020, 01:54:32 pm »
Hello my name is Nikhil Dhage .  i have been using linux for two to three years now distro hopping from one distro to the next if one is insteresting enough.  I recently just tried out peppermintos and i love it. the memory usage is crazy low and alll of these useful tools like browser manger are added by default.  However i want to know if anyone knows what software manger peppermint is using . i think its gnome software  but when i install flatpak gnome-plugin it does nothing.  also i installled latte dock . but it didnt show up in the whisker menu.  now i am using ulauncher to launch alll applications and i have removed latte. also i wish flatpak support was added to the software center i dont know which package is a  a deb package or snap or flatpak . it would be nice to have that built in  the next version of peppermiint.