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Setting up a graphics tablet
« on: July 24, 2020, 10:00:51 pm »
Hi there!

First-time Linux user here, settled with Peppermint 10 after deciding Elementary OS was a little too clunky and uncustomisable for my taste. Loving it after a week or so, now my laptop actually feels like it has the specs that Windows 10 could have never let it :D

I'm having some trouble doing digital art with a Huion H950P drawing tablet and stylus pen, though. Only a small part of the tablet's active area is usable: the horizontal movements are a lot faster than the vertical.

Moving to the far right side simply causes the mouse pointer to hang at the right edge of the screen, long before my stylus physically reaches the edge of what is supposed to be my tablet's active area.

The below image is what happens when I try to draw a square with equal sides.

Has this kind of issue been encountered before? I'm not really sure how to search for it. Please let me know if I need to clarify on anything.

Also, when I try to use art and image editing programs like Krita or Glimpse (a better-named fork of GIMP), the pressure sensitivity doesn't work. The lines I draw are all the same thickness, even though they should be thicker when I press harder and thinner when pressing more lightly.

It's a little hard to find information about how I might go about fixing this, for my specific software/hardware.

And it's not really an issue, but is there any way to program the keys on my tablet and pen? It was quite nice to have dedicated undo and redo keys - probably the main (perhaps even only) thing I'll miss from Windows, if not.

Before trying to plug my tablet in for the first time, I installed the deb package from here -

I also tried using xinput for calibration, but I got confused midway through some tutorial for calibrating touchscreens I found on the Ubuntu forum (or maybe Stack Exchange) (My tablet doesn't have a touchscreen, but I figured it might help anyway). I don't think I made any permanent changes, but not too certain.

Let me know if there's any sort of system specs or other information I should post: I'm pretty new to everything. Any help or pointers in the right direction are appreciated!