Author Topic: New HP laptop w/windows 10 loaded pm 10 for dual boot. Doesn't ask how to boot  (Read 705 times)

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Hi there.
I also have an HP15.  Like you, I tried installing PM beside Windows and, like you, It would boot straight to Windows.  I've forgotten, now, what I did but, by jumping through some hoops, I was able to get into PM.
Then, Windows started acting flakier than it used to. so I wound up using the whole drive for PM.  For  some strange reason, this computer is more responsive (faster) than it ever was.  And I've not missed Windows changing my settings every time it updated.
I would like to do the same at work but qlabels will not do 1 job that I need frequently and have to use Avery Print in Windows.
Wait a minute! Avery has now gone to use their Design and Print online.  I'll have to try that.
Sorry! Just thinking on the keyboard, as usual.