Author Topic: Trying to find a simple way to sync config file across computers  (Read 532 times)

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I've been working on a problem for a few weeks now and trying different ideas.  The basic idea is that I want to sync my LibreOffice config files across computers.  When I create a new template I would like it to be available on other computers.  I would like the user auto-correct and spell check to sync so I don't have to run the spell check on every file on every computer.

I have ideas about sharing config between other programs.

I thought about working with symlinks via my Dropbox but what I'm finding is Dropbox stopped supporting symlinks in mid 2019.  I tried running LibreOffice from within a portable version installed in Dropbox but that idea was terrible because LibreOffice always wanted to connect to the .config files on the local machine and ignored the ones in Dropbox.  Changing paths didn't help with that because paths were often deleted or seemed to be ignored.  Uninstalling the local LibreOffice caused other apps to fail and very bad headaches.

I was running a sync via Pcloud and that worked fairly well because it lets me select any file or folder I want and sync to a folder in Pcloud.  The problem is that Pcloud is terribly slow because of the lousy rural satellite internet connection.  If I try to upload a batch of photos then my LibreOffice sync folder won't sync for hours or even days if the connection is slower than normal because the thing is bogged down with the photo uploads.  Once an upload is started I haven't found a way to stop it and allow other traffic to flow.

I've been reading and researching until I'm mind-boggled.  I can use the CLI to a limited extent but not fluent.  Doe anyone know of a fairly straightforward way to set up a sync over network?

I've looked at things like Syncthing but that demands that both machines are online at the same time.  I can't guarantee a connection on the home machine because cloud cover, power outages and my own goofs happen.  (If I forget to switch from a tethered link to the satellite link before I leave the home machine is offline.)

Is there a simple way, other than having to carry around a USB drive to have config files sync over the net?  If I find a way there may be other things I want to sync automatically.


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Re: Trying to find a simple way to sync config file across computers
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2020, 12:13:29 pm »
Try Syncthing.

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Re: Trying to find a simple way to sync config file across computers
« Reply #2 on: May 12, 2020, 02:47:15 pm »
Hi Matthew, I'm not experienced with what you are trying to do, but it seems to me that the only way you are going to be able to access the same file or whatever on more than one computer with only one computer on line, is going to be with a cloud service. This is interesting though, so I'm going to follow this to see what others come up with if anything.
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