Author Topic: Peppermint 5/6 - Changing ALL your SSB's to open in Chrome instead of Chromium  (Read 4286 times)

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This tutorial is ONLY for people that ALREADY have both Chromium and Chrome web browser installed in Peppermint 5 or 6, but want to uninstall Chromium without breaking their SSB's .. If you DON'T already have Chrome installed STOP NOW and install it first

You can uninstall Chromium and install Chrome, but this will break any SSB's created for chromium-browser.

So your options would be to either have both browsers, manually delete and recreate your chromium SSB's for Chrome, or manually edit each SSB's .desktop file to change its "Exec=" line.

If you're unsure what an SSB is, take a look at:-

menu > Games > Entanglement

This is NOT a locally installed application, it's a web app that starts in a SSB (Site Specific Browser) which is effectively a Chromium/Chrome instance without all the normal toolbars and tabs .. so they *appear* like a normal windowed locally installed application.

Peppermint uses quite a few SSB's out of the box (and you can add your own through the Ice application), the default SSB's are configured to use Chromium, so uninstalling it will break them .. THERE IS A FIX :)

SSB's are stored as .desktop files at
and contain a line like:-

Exec=chromium-browser --app=

which would need changing (in each individual SSB) to:-

Exec=google-chrome --app=

But rather than manually edit them all one at a time, just open a terminal and run these 3 commands in sequence -
Code: [Select]
cp -vr ~/.local/share/applications ~/.local/share/applications-backupthen
Code: [Select]
cd ~/.local/share/applicationsthen
Code: [Select]
grep -rl 'chromium-browser --app' ./ | xargs sed -i 's/chromium-browser --app/google-chrome --app/g'(the first command backs up the directory just in case .. the second changes the current directory .. and the final command searches the current directory for files that contain the string "chromium-browser --app", then replaces that string with the string "google-chrome --app")

ALL your SSB's should now open in Chrome rather than Chromium.

So if you want, you can safely uninstall Chromium with :
Code: [Select]
sudo apt remove chromium-browser
Ice will still work, as the version for Peppermint 5 works with both Chromium and Chrome.

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