Author Topic: Suddenly can't change a window width to wide for monitor. (SOLVED)  (Read 128 times)

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I was working in Rapid Photo Downloader and the window suddenly snapped to a size wider than my monitor screen.  I can change the height of the window and I can change the panels within the window by dragging the slider but can not get the window to fit the monitor again.  The minimize button works but the maximize button only brings me back to the overly wide window.  The window menu offers the ability to resize the window but again I can only control the height.

I've been exploring the Window manager controls and have found nothing to help there.  alt+Shift+F7 brings up the window controls menu which allows me resize only the height.  Alt+f8 takes me to the resize from the lower right corner and once again has no effect on the window width.  Other programs seem to be working well and fit the monitor. 

I shut down all the windows and rebooted the computer to see if there was any effect and there is no change.

I will ask the same question on a site that includes Rapid Photo Downloader to see if it is specific to that application.

Any idea why the window size would suddenly change and freeze this way? 
How do I regain control?  I don't remember this happening before with any other application windows.

Any suggestions?

The developer of the software Rapid Photo Downloader was able to help and identify the problem.  My file names for photos tend to be long and descriptive.  It worked in the past as a way to make the files more searchable.  The file I was working in had a name so long it filled the top bar of the window and the window had resized to accommodate it.  It has been marked as a bug and should be fixed later.

I've only been using the software a couple of days and so far I've been impressed with it.  It is a great way to sort photos and has saved me many, many hours of work.
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