Author Topic: Future of Computing? Open Source Software/Hardware with Linux OSes  (Read 270 times)

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I make games. A few months ago, I wrote down a passing idea I had for an open world sandbox game. In the game people had mobile computers. So I wrote down the idea of this mobile computer concept - and it went like this:

The game is say 20 years in the future. Mobile phones by this time became so powerful the technology matched desktop and laptop computers. Most people had settled on larger, thicker phones with large screens. In the game, the phones were eventually nicknamed 'bricks'. As precious metals and other components used in these devices became scarce - the technology became modular. People gave up desktops/laptops and instead, simply placed their phone into a dock. The dock was connected to screen/keyboard/mouse. Almost everything electronic had a dock. TV's, Control panels, even fridges. Everything that used to have a computer or complex micro-controller in it was now simplified. The phone was everything and controlled everything. The OS on the phone was very versatile. Depending on what device you docked your phone into (TVs perhaps have no dock, but wireless connection to the phone), the OS would display the appropriate GUI.

So this is a simple vision I had for this game. But let's say, this vision could become reality. If the open source community could beat the big conglomerates to the idea, we could have the advanced technology with much stricter and safer privacy protocols. Get rid of forced obsolescence. Create devices that have nothing proprietary on them, are built transparently, and extremely easily upgradable. An advanced device like a mobile phone (in my opinion) should not be used for just 6 months before it needs to be replaced. It should be something that lasts decades. As 3d printing and manufacturing technologies get more streamlined and user friendly - I could see an age soon, where we might be able to produce pretty advanced technologies in our own homes. An OS like Peppermint would be a perfect OS for an open source hardware device.

We are already starting to see phones that can connect to multiple devices and so the vision isn't original. But, what are your thoughts? Especially on the possibility of wrestling the technological monopoly away from the giants like Google, Amazon, Facegarbage, etc. The people need to be back in full control of technology that affects our lives. Especially for our kids who are growing up in a world much more connected (and privacy-less) than the world we grew up in.