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Author Topic: kardsgt compile  (Read 68 times)

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kardsgt compile
« on: February 24, 2020, 02:08:51 am »
I am trying to install KardsGT as it looks like the easiest Euchre game to install. But I am getting an error for QT Assistant. I tried making a symbilic link to  the availible package (After installing the needed QT libs.

Kardsgt says that it is ready to install at MAKE.

But returns the error file not found at
Code: [Select]
So I made a symbolic link to
Code: [Select]

I did not realize that I almost certainly should have used
Code: [Select]

Anyway the prompt end in Permition Denied and I can not be sure that I have unlinked the two or removed the linked file. For what ever reason terminal says the link/ and or file does not exist but just before would not let me install with it.  :-\ :-\

Anyway in the end I am looking for a Euchre game to install and the GTK version of stand alone Euchre suffers from even less developer activity. And I as I say I have no idea what is the situation with this symlink.

KardsGT is a QT based application with a number of card games in it.
Euchre is a stand alone Euchre application with one first time developer. It seemed at the time that Euchre failed with more unsolvable dependency errors for me.
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