Author Topic: 32 bit Wine apps on 64 bit PC  (Read 477 times)

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32 bit Wine apps on 64 bit PC
« on: February 24, 2020, 11:14:10 pm »
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As many know it is a pain to get the Wine error message about 32 bit verbs from a 64 bit native Wine. PlayOnLinux works well and probably works better on some very demanding applications in a similar way that the Codeweavers application does.

My favorite if not only application that I like to run in Wine is the Bible study application e-Sword (Yes the Sword and BibleTime projects are amazing). But I have commercial addons that I have purchased for e-Sword. And that is where I started having a problem with PlayOnLInux. I began to realize that did not need the aggressive or extremely involved drive management for a Windows application.

I had e-Sword and all my various addons running perfectly on my 32 bit Penguin Roasting (very hot) overclocked laptop. So the only reason I need PlayOnLinux is for the 32 bit management on my 64 bit system.

Then I see that PlayOnLinux for some reason will not recognize my addons, I few of which I bought.

So after many months I finely looked it up.

This (Solution) so far works perfectly for me, I think because I don't have any 64 bit applications  to install/ run. If that were the case PlayOnLinux might be more of an option. I do think I did at some point get all of my addons working in e-Sword in PlayOnLinux on 64bit archetechure. But I probably had to force wrwrwr like permissions or something.

So here is what helped me so much I hope it helps others. Sorry in advance for the long run up to simply posting a link.
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