Author Topic: PM 6 and WiFi (Intel-Wireless 3165) - driver missing / No network [PAUSED]  (Read 1260 times)

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Re: PM 6 and WiFi (Intel-Wireless 3165) - driver missing / No network
« Reply #15 on: December 09, 2019, 11:21:49 am »
Hi PCNetSpec;

Thx anyway 4 the help/your time /your knowledge;
Meanwhile (4 me) this topic becam obsolet - but not forgotten ;)

It is the Acer Aspire A515-54G-772F Notebook;
(with 2 build in GraphicCards (UHD 620 and Nvidia MX250);
and -as u can guess- i run other OS too (Out of the Box with win 10 awfull)
So Win8, other Linux Distris are not that prob. (How to do win8, u will find on the tube; but there are still the same probs with Lan and WiFi)

During the last days, i had to set up again, and again; cause "replace with an elder version" doesn't work fine - so a clean install was the better way;
Interessting !!!

While installing (win 8 and PM 6) the OS regognise (sometimes) the LAN-Port (but only at beginning of installing)
If u put any update (and or driver update on Win8) - it doesn't worked anymore

So, i tried just a basic installation; witch worked fine with win8;
but since than i have Props to install Linux Distris

Lubuntu (text-installing) worked fine;
Mint abort the installation (couldn write grub)
and PM 6 crashed while writing kernel 3.7 (while installation)

I try to figured it out - cause this worked before absolutly fine (No change in Bios/Uefi)- whats the reason; at least i gave up;
and now wit PM X all worked (still troubles with the Nvidia)

And after all your hints/tips, (Look&feel) few weeks before, i went this way;
even when i still prefer PM 6

(The many details are for users, who may try the same as me)