Author Topic: Welcome to the User Submitted Tutorials board!  (Read 12724 times)

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Welcome to the User Submitted Tutorials board!
« on: March 12, 2014, 10:51:20 am »
Hello and welcome!

The purpose of this board is for users of Peppermint to post tutorials related to the operation of Peppermint and other Linux distributions. Tutorials can range in topic and complexity from how to better use this forum, to how to compile a kernel, to how to deploy a particular web application on a remote server. We do, however, have a few guidelines that we'd like for everyone to follow in order to maintain some general level of standardization.

  • Please indicate a target system for your tutorial in the title. If it's for Peppermint Four 32 bit, then specify as much. If it's for CentOS 6 64 bit, then specify as much. If it's for any system running GNOME 3, then specify as much. For example if I'm writing a tutorial for installing Wordpress in Peppermint Four, then I'll title it as "How to Locally Install Wordpress in Peppermint Four 32/64." or "Installing Wordpress Locally in Peppermint Four, both architectures." Just please specify your target in the title, not in the post.
  • As the first thing in the post body, please list required skills for each tutorial. If a tutorial requires knowledge of the command line and manually editing configuration files, then say as much. If it requires an intimate understanding of C and C++ code, then say as much. If it requires no skills other than being able to open a window and click a button, then say as much. For instance in my theoretical Wordpress installation tutorial my first line would probably read: "Requires knowledge of the command line, basic MySQL, and basic Apache configuration." or something similar.
  • Please be clear and verbose regarding the steps necessary for the tutorial. Numbering the steps is certainly helpful in most cases (but not all) but make sure that the steps are neatly organized. For instance don't say "download and extract the archive", rather break it down into a download step and an extraction step as not all downloads are performed the same way and not all archive extractions are performed the same way. As a general rule, if there is room for potential confusion, then break things down.
  • We expect code to be posted and/or linked in good faith. If we find that any user posts or links to malicious code, then we will not hesitate in taking action against that user.

To those perusing this board in search of tutorials on how to accomplish something, do note that Peppermint offers no guarantee whatsoever that the tutorials posted here are fit for a particular use and offer no express or implied warranty. We will occasionally go through some of these tutorials and move/repost some of them in the Official Tutorials board should they meet our qualifications.

Thank you.
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