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Author Topic: Simplest fix I have found for sources list, or apt errors.  (Read 334 times)

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I you have an apt error that seems just frustratingly difficult to fix, with various source list errors. This fix is the simplest fix I have found, and I have used many through the years.
Use these three commands in this order. It should put you back in business and get you back to your default sources list. Then I would highly recommend using Timeshift as your default
backup program. I have used many, but this one is simple, fast and just works. With it in place, whatever your issue you can go back to where you were. A once a week  or other week backup
should be sufficient.

Code: [Select]
sudo mv /etc/apt/sources.list ~/

Code: [Select]
sudo touch /etc/apt/sources.list 

Code: [Select]
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Re: Simplest fix I have found for sources list, or apt errors.
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Hi pdvossen11,

Thank you for your post.

You need to encapsulate the terminal output with the Insert, Code # function.  For extra long outputs, please use the Spoiler, Sp function.  If youíre a Chromium Browser and/or a Google Chrome user, please don't combine these functions.  For some reason, they donít work well together with these browsers.  The formatting gets all goofed up.  Only use one or the other  ;).  These forum functions preserve the original format of the output.  This makes it easier for future visitors to relate to their own issues.  These functions are found in the forum editor, above the,  :-[ Embarrassed and  the :'( Cry emoticon respectively.  Use the Preview button to check how it'll look after you post it to forum.  I hope this helps  ;).

I've done this for you this time.  Many thanks  :)

Regards Zeb...
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