Author Topic: why swap so large when try peppermint os on live usb?(SOLVED)  (Read 595 times)

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I try peppermint os (a distro bases on Lubuntu) on live usb. Check ram by the command

Code: [Select]
free -h
and the result is

My usb is 4G, my ram is 4G.

Why swap is 5.7G? And does this happen in any other ubuntu based distros?

As I understand, trying ubuntu distros on live usb does not create swap on hard disk, so I think to 3 cases:

1. I already created a swap of 4G before (when I created dual boot), and this swap is used, but here swap is 5.7G

2. Another swap is created on the usb, but my usb only has 4G; so why swap is 5.7G?

3. a swap of 1.7 G is created on usb, and 5.7G is the result of combining he two swaps. But I check my usb is 2.5G free and the linux iso in it is about 1.3G, so cannot have a swap of 1.7G on my usb

UPDATE:: The answer is at
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The LiveUSB will be using a pre-existing swap partition (if one exists it will use it) .. a Live session makes ZERO changes to your hard drive unless you choose to install.
Code: [Select]
sudo fdisk -land
Code: [Select]
blkidshould tell you what you what your current partition scheme is
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