Author Topic: ...and here we go again  (Read 1230 times)

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Re: ...and here we go again
« Reply #15 on: June 18, 2019, 10:33:07 am »
My bad. Completely forgot to read the article first  :'( Sorry  ;)
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Re: ...and here we go again
« Reply #16 on: June 18, 2019, 01:25:08 pm »
Seriously in PM11 I'm thinking of ditching gnome-software and snapd OOTB (though the user can still choose to install them).

Understand, I'm not against the technology in and of itself, but I do object to the way updating of snaps CANNOT (currently) be disabled (or even granularly scheduled) by the user/system admin .. I hate the "the developer knows best" and "you will be FORCED to accept updates whether you like it or not" way of thinking.

I get that Canonical are really pushing snaps as a fit for IoT devices, but developers DO NOT know what's best for MY system, and when things should happen .. I DO, end of story.
(worse still snapd will only allow you to reschedule updates a few times .. before it'll FORCE the update on you, possibly at a dangerously inopportune moment)

At least with Flatpak's updating is just a boot time service that can be disabled .. though even there it'd be nice to have more granular control than just off/on.

For reasons why forced updates aren't a good idea even ignoring the "my system is mine, stop telling me you know better" argument, and the frankly idiotic and majorly patronising stance the snap devs are taking on this, see here:

Until snaps allow the user/system admin (who's focus is on the reliability and well-being of the system as a whole) to decide what goes onto their systems and when, rather than the developer (who's focus is only on their app) I'm not sure I want to encourage their use.

Again, please understand if I decide to do this it should NOT be seen as a reflection on the snap technology itself (like anything else there are positives and negatives), it's simply about control .. Please Canonical, give control back to the system admin where it should be, if necessary do two separate versions of snapd (maybe snapd-iot, and snapd-pc), dev driven auto-updates make sense for IoT devices, not for PC's which should ALWAYS be admin driven.

This sounds rather similar to a feature creep to me.
One of the annoying features of systemd (among many others, discussed elsewhere) is its wide adoption. Software that unnecessarily depends on it and that requires extensive patching/fooling to even run without it.
And now they force you snap as well.
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