Author Topic: Replicating P 10 into another partiton  (Read 351 times)

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Replicating P 10 into another partiton
« on: May 25, 2019, 10:31:10 pm »
Hello Peppermint people.  Since my P 9 and P 10 systems are running flawlessly, I got bored and thought I would try "cloning" the P 10 installation into another partition. I had read in a Ubuntu group post about copying and restoring Software using apt-clone. I've tried using Aptik before but it didn't work so well. So first I made a Timeshift snapshot of P 10, then installed apt-clone. Then I had to make a directory to store the package list, I put it into my Documents folder since I have a DATA partition, so I don't have to use external memory devices. My code for that was
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mkdir ~/Documents/mypackagesTo make the list, I ran
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sudo apt-clone clone ~/Documents/mypackages --with-dpkg-repackLooking in mypackages, I got the file name
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apt-clone-state-albert-desktop.tar.gzSo then I did a fresh install of P 10 into the empty partition, once finished I booted into P 9 and restored the snapshot of the original P 10 into the new P 10. Then I booted into the new P 10 and installed apt-clone and ran
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sudo apt-clone restore ~/Documents/mypackages/apt-clone-state-albert-desktop.tar.gzEverything got installed except the Ice SSB's I had made and Gradio's library list which I added. I had to remake my symlinks for my home folders and my side panel didn't duplicate or even show up but I would call it a success. Anyway, I thought I would share that with you guys.  :)
What was I thinking?