Author Topic: Irc.. I have done a bit of searching in the forums... Why is there no irc?  (Read 734 times)

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 I have Pep sorted, :) installed and running like a dream on all of my 4 core computers. But I wonder why there is not an IRC channel to give active support. Forums are awesome. But could y'all look @ appointing IRC ambassadors? Freenode is pretty easy to sort out.  : :D I might be speaking to the older lads here on this one. But IRC helped me more than forums ever did. I know this is ubuntu stack distro, but is so different in it's own right. I could host an IRC server if needed.. I have an extra computer I could config and setup. I guess I miss the commandeer of the #! irc channel.. Crom left all to fast and this is a distro that is not only for the old guard, but for the new. Again, just a thought.
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Hi drakken,

We have been asked this question many many a few times  :P   All the people who help out here on the Forums - do so in their own free time.  We decide to concentrate on just the Forums to consolidate that help.  If we open IRC and other media outlets we will dilute the help we are able to give.  We pride ourselves on being a responsive Forum and wish to keep that going.

Regards Zeb...
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Hi drakken,

Just to expand on what zebedeeboss said, if people start raising issues and getting them solved on an IRC these solutions will not be saved/archived or searchable the way they are in a forum.  ;)


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In my experience, unless you have a pretty large community of constantly active members in IRC it's of very limited use. It just leads to people getting a bit frustrated when they ask a question and get no responses or answers. It does have the benefit of a more direct conversation with someone while trying to figure out a problem but again the people have to be there. Also nowadays you really have better options like Slack, Telegram, etc. that actually keep the history you can go back and read without the need of setting up things like bouncers to view what you missed while you were away.

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Agreed. Slack FTW  :)

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We did have an IRC channel some years ago, but sadly it was always empty .. seemed a waste of manpower to attempt to monitor an empty channel, so we shut it down about 3 years ago :)

Every now and again someone pops up asking about IRC but IIRC you're only the second in three years.
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Here's my belated Welcome to Peppermint and our Forum @drakken!


I'll 2nd what others have already said about IRC... In most cases all the questions that can be asked of the forum have already been asked. Thus most issues can be resolved by taking a moment to search the forum archive before starting a new support request.  While PeppermintOS's devs and admins are spread around the world the team is small, our forum is responsive in ways that few others are. We hope you enjoy finding what you need here! 
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