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Author Topic: Pepper9 on Acer Aspire One ao531h or 'ZG8'  (Read 322 times)

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Pepper9 on Acer Aspire One ao531h or 'ZG8'
« on: February 17, 2019, 06:59:31 am »
Hi All,

long story short, have tried various linux distros (mint, ubuntu, lubuntu, and.... for the ZG8 (and Samsung N110)

I recommend Peppermint 9, as it had the best bluetooth connect success with mini-bluetooth dongle, Got my Bose QuietComfort IIs working fine,

also successfully installed a 120GB SSD and 2 GB Ram, following this YouTube video

made sure I had formatted the SSD first (exFAT) using an external hard drive caddy and formatting from windows disk manager first, and the USB stick install went on great!

on strip down getting to the HDD etc. wasn't too difficult, just make a note of which screws come from where, long/short and one fat one for the HDD plate.

and be careful with the side mouldings which house USB etc. as they have tabs on read hinge screws and middle keyboard edge screws.

also note that one HDD caddy screw goes in after the main plate goes in, had to retake it our again.

End result is a very happy, nippy ZG8, running secure browsers (Chromium/Firefox) and battery life is 20% improved, boot to login is down from 90 to 55 secs.

Use 'Blueman' for Bluetooth Connect, with USB dongle.

Cheers BV.