Author Topic: Suspend LED Flashes When lid Closed in Peppermint 7 but not in 9  (Read 610 times)

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I have Peppermint 7 and Peppermint 9 running on separate drives on a laptop............I find that it takes a long time to boot into 9 so I usually 'suspend' rather than do a complete shutdown.

When I close the lid Peppermint 7's suspend works as it should and displays a flashing LED to show it has suspended.......and fires up when the lid is opened.

When I close the lid on 9 it suspends but the light does not flash........other than that it works fine! Oddly, if suspend from the logout panel the light flashes.

......have I missed ticking a box somewhere, I've googled it all weekend and find mostly that people want to turn the light off not on :'(.