Author Topic: How to encrypt user's home dir after installation is complete. (SOLVED)  (Read 1627 times)

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When I was installing Peppermint-3 there was an option to have the user's home directory encrypted.  I chose not to select that option at that time.  But now that it is all installed and working I would like to try that.  So how would I go about encrypting a user's home dir after installation is complete?
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Re: How to encrypt user's home dir after installation is complete.
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You attempt this AT YOUR OWN RISK as I've never done it myself:

in that tutorial it suggests after logging off/on you'll be presented with a windows that prompts you to "Run this action now" to record your encryption key .. this may not happen in Peppermint .. insted open a terminal and run:
Code: [Select]
ecryptfs-unwrap-passphraseEnter your login password when prompted .. and keep the key it spits out in a safe place (not on this PC

And obviously "User Accounts" isn't on the top menu as in the pic .. it's in the menu at
menu > System Tools > Users & Groups

As I said, you do this AT YOUR OWN RISK, so backup anything you can't afford to loose first ;)
WARNING: You are logged into reality as 'root' .. logging in as 'insane' is the only safe option.

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