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Author Topic: Welcome to the Official Tutorials board!  (Read 12038 times)

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Welcome to the Official Tutorials board!
« on: March 12, 2014, 01:22:05 pm »

Tutorials posted in this board are all by moderators, administrators, and trusted users affiliated with Peppermint. As such we stand by our work and state that code and/or commands posted here will run on your Peppermint system with no ill results. Due to the nature of various hardware and system configurations and the fact that this is a community forum, we can officially offer no express or implied warranty, but if it's posted here, it'll probably work on your Peppermint machine.

From time to time, tutorials posted to the User Submitted Tutorials board will be evaluated and some will be reposted here if they meet our specifications. If you have a tutorial that you'd like to submit, then please post it to the User Submitted Tutorials board.

Thank you.
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