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Author Topic: Peppermint 9 - Changing the Firefox user interface language.  (Read 2934 times)

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Are you installing Peppermint 9 in a language other than English, but when you start Firefox the UI is still in English ?

I'm currently not sure why this is (it shouldn't because it's set to matchOS), but I'm looking into it.

Meanwhile here's a fix....

1) Install the language pack for your locale, for example for French install firefox-locale-fr
Code: [Select]
sudo apt-get install firefox-locale-fr
2) Now fire up Firefox, and go to:- about:config

3) Search for the key:- intl.locale.requested

4) if that key doesn't exist, right click in a blank space and choose:- New > String and enter: intl.locale.requested and click the OK button.

5) In the next dialog enter the string value that equates to your language, such as for example:
for French .. then click the OK button.

6) Restart Firefox.

And the Firefox UI should now be in the language you selected.

If at any stage you'd like the UI back in English, simply set:-

intl.locale.requested = en

and restart Firefox.


It looks like Mozilla are planning on adding a UI locale switcher to the Firefox settings :)
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