Author Topic: It Can Be Frustrating Sometimes  (Read 2520 times)

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Re: It Can Be Frustrating Sometimes
« Reply #15 on: May 01, 2019, 12:20:21 am »
I hate the Mobile Multimedia Term, as originally you were only meant to send messages and make calls. Now we live in a world where everyone is a zombie, looking at their, devices all the time, as they are not phones any more, (The word anymore is not one word any more, it is two. When did that change? Or am I getting mixed up with the word anyone?) they are computers, that people even sleep with under their pillows and wonder why they're late for work the following day, cause they've been up all night texting, or answering messages, on social media. I can't use them, my hands are too big, I have my trusty Nokia phone, cause I can send texts without it turning into gob-biddy-gook. I forever bump into people, to make sure they're still alive, with there mobile media outstretched in their hands, arms sticking out to the front, whilst they are walking along, not looking where they are going. What is so appealing about them? I have no idea. ;D

Plus expansion, you could have your computer, not only as your real life Desktop as a Desktop, but a server all in one too. ;D
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