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Checking disk
« on: December 27, 2017, 12:47:08 am »
There is a little question about live-usb.
Trying to "check disk for defects", one can see only

"keys: Press any key to reboot your system"

Ubuntu, Mint write "no errors founds, press any key..."
I use usb-creator.
When I tried other distroes written by Unetbooting, there were 1-2 mistakes found.
But 0 mistakes everytime due to usb-creator.
So, what about PPM message about mistakes?

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Re: Checking disk
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2017, 08:36:26 am »
If you are using a jourrnaling file system, and things don't shut down elegantly, or write properly, then the filesystem will report errors.  The will then check, and look to verify/restore the filestem.  this can happen on power loss, or glitch, or hardware failure.

If you use the graphical "Disks" utility, you can select the disk, and it will tell you  the disk health (Assessment) and any bad sectors. You can then  select "Smart Data and Self-Tests" from the menu (you are looking for SMART - it may vary the listing name by version).  That should tell you various disk health metrics. It will allow you to determine whether your hard drive is failing.

This will only work if SMART is enabled, and will not be helpful on an SSD. For an SSD you would probably need a different sort of monitoring utility.

This may not be a comprehensive answer, but it might help a bit.